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Former Romanian capitals

Romania as a success story celebrates this year 100 years from the Unification, which is actually our national day. But our history goes far beyond and is really troubled and interesting, no doubt.

Campulung, the first Capital of Wallachia

I won't go in the details, which are not very relevant for the today tourist. The today tourist must see something, taste a special food and have a place to sleep. We have plenty of them, and many travel agencies offer more or less outstanding travel to Romania.

I would go further and send you outside from the beatten path mentioning something about our former Capitals. Briefly speaking, during Middle Age, there were three Romanian countries, known as Wallachia, Moldavia and Transilvania. The today Capital, Bucharest, is rather a new city, grounded during the XVth Century. And of course we had our regional Capitals before Bucharest. In Wallachia we had Curtea de Arges, Campulung and Targoviste; in Moldavia Suceava and Jassy; and in Transilvania/Siebenburgen Alba Iulia and Medias.
The city of Campulung at 1900

Oops, I hope is not too detailed and still interesting, don't wanna bore you with unnecessary knowledge. All of these former Capitals are today rather little towns, which are nevertheless worth to a visit. You can still discover within their ancient walls the arrogance and pride, and imagine the ceremonial of the Court. Brave wariors, beautiful ladies, and a lot of people on the streets, really a golden brilliant age.
Happy Romanians celebrating the national day, 1st December

Any of these old cities would be glad if you visit them. They have a lot to show you, e.g. wonderful pieces of architecture, maybe something of their modern life. I will try to introduce you all these cities and release travel guides for every one, which is not an easy task!

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