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How to better understand Romania and the Romanians

How to better understand Romania and the Romanians

Yes, we are different, comparing to our neighbors, and we are very proud about. No one can take a Romanian as an Hungarian or a Bulgarian, or a Russian. We love all these people, but we are proud Romanian!
Romania is a very Orthodoxe country indeed. Most of the churches are simply earthbreathing masterpieces, e.g. Stavropoleos above

Entering Romania from a neighboring country, any one has  suddenly a revelation. The language is totally different, and also the people. Totally amazing, the Romanian language is a Roman one, close to French, Italian or Spanish. We feel all these mentioned countries with Roman languages, and specially France, as our older sister. By miracle and by a happy hazard, the Romanians succeeded to keep this Roman language despite the Slavian neighbors. And we are confident to keep further for ever in this crazy world. Most of the Romanian cities have a copy of the wolf nourishing its cubes, very similar with the original in Rome! And any Romanian city has a Decebal and Traian street, our heroic ancestors.
Bucharest may not forget being the Capital of a rural country.  The Museum of the Romanian Peasant is one of its best leading museums

The simple truth is, that the almighty God was very generous to Romania, we are very grateful for this! 90% of the population are Orthodox, and the half are going regularly to the church. That keeps us together, and that's why in many parts of Romania the society seems to be still in order. Fertile plains, high mountain peeks, many richness in the soil- how not to be proud and thankful for that?

Besides, we, the people, the proud simple Romanians, make this country so nice, rich and attractive. Most of the Romanians are normal people, friendly and always ready to help you, if you need. They are also charming, flexible and diplomat. All kind of privacies taught them to solve every problem, by improvisations if necessary. I won't dare to say that my compatriots are the best people worldwide, but we are not far from that, despite the negative publicity targeted toward us sometimes! And all these fantastic people are very open, ready to receive guests and give them all the best.
Any travel to Romania becomes without the slightest intention  a fantastic trip in the Ceausescu communist era, due specially to the monumental Parliament palace
After almost 50 years of living in this country, I must quit trying to understand the Romanians. I think it is simply impossible, they are rather sensitive and emotional, than reasonable. Simply love or hate them, but I am sure that is practically impossible hating them!

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