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Most Spectacular Waterfalls in Romania

We in Romania have a lot of fantastic landscapes, God blessed us over the average. We also have waterfalls to complete an image of savage beauty of this interesting country. The Romanian waterfalls compared to Iguacu might seem unsignificant, we are not able to show waterfalls higher than 60 metres.

Cascada Balea is a superstar among the Romanian waterfalls

Nevertheless, I selected all these waterfalls, with the secret hope to be further helpful in discovering Romania. It is maybe to appreciate that such falls are only interesting when included in a broader image and landscape. The waterfalls may be the main attractions in the area, but they are really nice, impressive and spectacular only when are in a certain harmony with the environment.
Cascada cailor by Borsa is by no means less spectacular

Besides, all the selected waterfalls are not on highway or main streets, and you must discover them by walking longer or shorter, depending on the circumstances and your mood. Once arrived to the destination, the reward is great, worth any efforts. Who is not an addicted traveler won't understand this small thing, but enjoying a breathtaking landscape for a second worth really every effort. It is life, beauty, nature and a part of a perfect Universe we live all.
The Fantastic Beiului/Beusnita waterfalls in a breathtaking natural park

But please be further quiet and reasonable when you see the falls! Don't run to swim inside, it is dangerous and probably forbidden. Keep a certain distance up to the falling water, and respect any other measures to prevent hazards and injuries.

But now, finally, let's go to the point. In the Romania's highest mountains, namely Fagaras, reachable from Transfagarasan is Balea waterfalls, the queen of the waterfalls inside Romania, with a height of 60 metres. It lies at an altitude of 1200 metres, between the Romanian highest peaks, Moldoveanu and Negoiu and a delight of your all senses. You will be able to locate it from a certain distance, due to the freightening noise produced. You can stay longer in the area, hiking the trails from the Fagaras mountains with their interesting views, and visit the cabins from the neighborhood (e.g. Balea Lac or Balea Cascada). In winter, for the most trained of us, you can ski a lot in the area, even if the cable instalations mostly lack.

Balea waterfalls lies almost in the center of Romania, while my other proposed destinations lies at its corners. Cascada Calului (the horse's waterfalls) lie in the utmost North of the country, in the Rodnei mountains, easy reachable from the resort Borsa, Maramures. Not so high as the above mentioned superstar, Cascada Calului measures only 30 meters of height, but I really think that is even more spectacular than Cascada Balea. It is of course my personal opinion, and wanna know yours!

Far away from  Cascada Calului, in the Nera gorges find please the Cascada Beiului (The Sultan's waterfalls). The landscape all around is really fantastic, with the falls as the main attractions. An unreal silence and peace will wait for you here, as the environment is really fabulous! Pure nature in a huge National Nature park everywhere around!

Still there? Have many other hot stuff for you, but for now it must be enough!

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Wonderful views! Such kind of beautiful attractions always attract me because these are amazing to learn about beautiful creations of Almighty God. My favorite waterfalls around the world are Niagara Falls that I visited last weekend with tours niagara falls.

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