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Travelling smart to Romania

I can bet, you are the happy owner of a smart device, most probably a smart phone. The youngsters and teenagers must have even more and unfortunately are already dependant. I wonder if they must be smarter under these circumstances.

A very old house from the Village Museum in Bucharest, please don't imagine Romania like that

But with so many smart devices we all are supposed to live smarter, and, yes, to travel smarter! What would I understand through a smart travel, and what you understand through this notion is the same thing, I hope: spare time and money, never neglect thinking to environment, Earth and the locals of the visited country. And to be even more specific, I would like to refer to Romania, as I love it, I know as my pockets  and work here as travel guide.

A Romanian marriage is really an event!
You have first the important choice to decide whether you take the full package (e.g. flight+trip) or buy them separately. If you take the full package, I see a few advantages:
-you are in a group and can hereby have more fun and meet new people
-you can find me or another skilled qualified travel guide giving you a lot of tipps and tricks, as we know the country, the places and know on what doors we can knock. On you own you need much more time for it, and will surely miss a lot of things
- in this way you can find a week travel at prices between 600-800 Euros with good hotels and half board. I know a few German companies offering these things, you can find for sure in your country, or on the site of the most important travel agencies for incoming trips, namely www.karpaten.ro
If fod, drinks aor gastronomy, broadly speaking, mean anything to you, you are invited in Romania, of course

If you are going to book the flight separately, a good choice is the national company TAROM or the global wholesaler momondo (booking in advance through them I could enjoy a wonderful flight Bucharest-Madrid for 70 Euros!). Afterwards, look for hotels directly, or, again, through a well established travel company.
Danube Delta is a fantastic clush of water and mood

And, once there, or even a few time in advance, make some choices according to your interests: adventure, Danube Delta, seaside, mountains, urban civilization, art, museums, archaeology, wines etc. We have a lot of things to show, and like deeply sharing them with our guest. I guess, for all these specific interests, my blogg itself is an important unbiased source of information, hold on!

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