miercuri, 16 martie 2016

You can't see the dark side of the moon, but you are able to visit Romania

I think sometimes, that Romania is still a terra incognita (unknown land), despite my desperate work on social media, and specially on this blog. And I can definitely compare Romania with the dark side of the moon.

Genuine nature with a pelican in Danube Delta

Why is happening this? May be is not fair for Romania, and for us, the Romanians. One possible explanation is the lack of efforts, or middles, of the Romanian government. Another explanation is the scandal press, looking for hot stuff everywhere. A few years ago Britain was freightened due to the opening for working permits concerning Romanians and Bulgarians. The reality was not so bad at all comparing with the predicted apocalypse of the main newspapers. Or maybe a conspiracy theory would be the reason, as some extremists of the left might think.
Friendly people everywhere, that is a landmark of Romania

In order to deepen the comparation, I will gladly inform you about the main difference. You can visit Romania, convince yourself about this happy land and its inhabitants, while the dark side of the moon is not accessible to normal people. Please don't worry about the dark side of the moon, forget it simply. You will be much happier visiting Romania.
We have in Romania also an urban civilization, and Bucharest is an international city

It is for sure not the richest country in the EU (I wonder why gain) but is for sure one of the most attractive both for tourists or investors. It is not overpopulated, it is not polluted and has in many places a genuine nature waiting to be discovered (I mean Danube Delta, the peaks of the Carpathians, genuine forests and impressive population of bears). I will not bother trying to convince you to invest in Romania. Might be a good idea, but there are other channels for this entreprise. That's why I will only try introducing Romania to you as a potential tourist.

Happy people to the countryside
You need time for know Romania, at least one week. The country is nice, medium sized and you have a lot of interesting thing to see. The Romanians are the most important asset: they are opened, educated and have good manners. Almost one half of the Romanians still live to the countryside and have an unbelievable common sense. They might be not very rich, but very proud and will receive you like a royal. Ask Prince Charles of Britain if is true!

We are proud of our history, of our ancestors, of our wonderful country. We enjoy life and would like to share with you. Visit Romania, you are invited.

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