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Try to understand Romania before visiting it

Whether you are for the first time in Romania, or the tenth, you are simply supposed to take a few time to understand thoroughly the country forehand.

Romania is not at all exclusively a Dracula land, but an interesting culture destination

And you must do that because Romania is not only the land of Dracula or the land of Ceausescu. We have an interesting history, and during the Middle Age there were three Romanian principates, namely Moldavia, Vallachia and Transilvania, which have been influenced by the neighboring empires, respectively Russian, Othoman and Austrian. It took a few centuries to understand the simple fact of our unity, and afterwards to realise this unity through successive and successfully unifications. Most of our heroes fought bravely for Unification, against the overmentioned Empires. In every Romanian city there is one street or square reffering to the Unification (Piata Unirii, or Bulevardul Unirii). During the XIXth century France was a model for all Europe, including Romania. Our language is anyway a Romanic one, and the culture is very close to the French culture.
Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife have ruled Romania in a dictatorial way for 24 years. We could barely stand and survive, due to our sense of humor

We are proud of our past and history, and not so proud anymore about our political class of today, which is not patriot enough. On the contrary, they are corrupted enough, it is a national disease, despite all the progress in fighting it of the last years. But these are our problems, you must know them and be aware of them, but never try to mix in any political discussion. It simply makes no sense, and brings no friends. You must have your own problems in your country for sure, as every country has!
Calea Victoriei, the most interesting and beautiful street of Bucharest, has undoubtly a French charm

Also very important, the country is not very expensive, unless you make special choices. One beer in a pub costs between 2 and 4 euros, with 5 euros you can have a satisfactory lunch. Romania is also not very rich yet, the average income is about 500 Euros netto monthly. And that is why you must avoid the touristic destinations, they are much more expensive than the popular ones. If you have a good travel guide, you can easily find the second ones!
Please avoid in Romania the beaten paths, and you can see these wonderful suits on the streets

We are people with a sharp developped sense of humor, and this was really useful during bad and hard times, e.g. the communist Ceausescu era! Otherwise we couldn't stand and survive it, it was terrible: no food, no fun, but only a lot of jokes, most of them refering to Ceausescu and his wife.Some of us are simply missing those times, as we can't hear so many fabulous jokes.

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