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In vino veritas, something about the Romanian wines

The ancient Romans defeated the local Dacians in the II.nd century a.C. and in this way started the history of the Romanian people and language.

A glass of wine is such a nice way expressing the joy of life

Really difficult to find out today what is Roman and what is Dacian in the today Romanian people and no one should waste his/her time with this impossible task. Fact is, that in every Romanian city you will find a Traian street, as a Decebal street. They were the rulers, they clushed one against other and Decebal commited suicide after his defeat.
Did Dracula love wine? We still must research

Thinking about wine, it wasn't totally unknown to the Dacians, but the Romans brought new sorts and started many new plantations. It was decisive for the Romanians, we love wine here. It is very similar with other wine countries who were once provinces of the Roman Empire: France, Italy, Spain and Portugal. Even today Romania is among the first 10 producers worldwide, and large wine regions of the country live in Autumn fantastic celebrations. Every one is happy there, due to the wine.
In some parts of the country the wineyard becomes monoculture

Coming back on land and to the present days, a first tip is to let the wine accompanying your Romanian vacation. I would recommend at least a glass of wine at every meal (breakfast is excepted, please). White, red, or rose you must pair it correctly with the main dish. Sometimes the waiter, chef or somelier can recommend you something. Sometimes you can try to taste the house wine (or vinul casei, every good restaurant has something like that). The bottle wine is of course not so cheap, but sometimes you can allow yourself and your company something special. A glass of house wine should cost up to 10 Lei (3 -4 Euros), while a bottle could have many different prices. In fact, a bottle of good local wine should be around 10 Euros.
Even to a wine tasting you must respect some basic rules

Fist of all, watch your glass of wine, it should be clear, cristal clear. After a soft agitation, watch it again, the film should be continuos, uninterrupted. After that you don't need your eyes anymore, may be is advisable to close them. Now smell and taste it, let it walk inside your mouth to discover all the secret notes. It is really wonderful. If you are to a professional taste, don't swallow any drop, spill it, whatever difficult could it be. Despite all this procedure, after 3 or 4 glasses you are drunk due the taste and absorbtion through the tongue!

Our Roman ancestors were not stupid at all, when they said In vino veritas! The simple fact is, that after one glass of wine everybody is more communicative and starts to unveil some possible secrets. I don't remember anymore what happens after the other glasses. The Romanian said something different: everybody is entitled to a glass of wine. Afterwards becomes another man, which is again entitled to a glass of wine!

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