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How to behave in Romania correctly if you are a stranger tourist

Visiting  Romania must run smoothly and gently, it is a wonderful country with interesting people. Whether you come privately, or over a renowned travel agency, you should remember a few things  while you are in Romania.

Another happy friendly Romanian, as we all are

First of all, the people are really fantastic. If you are going to behave yourself in the right way, most of them will be prepared to give all their clothes, literally. Please don't understand wrong, I mean hereby that you can count of them as on your best friends. Nevertheless, check your bills in the restaurants, following the outside patterns some of them will try to charge you with a thick tip!
We are a happy wine country, see here some of my tourists during a wine taste. They all learned to say "Noroc"(cheers!)

Besides, even in this country when the people have an excellent behavior and none incidents against foreign tourists have been reported, you may not go alone in a few suburbs (e.g. Ferentari in Bucharest is very poor and dangerous). If a policeman will dare to stop you, you are supposed to be polite and pacient, which shall not mean showing him your purse or giving him your credit card number.

It is usually here to kiss the hand of a woman, and if you do that, all the Romanian ladies will be watching you much more interested than if you don't. It is a flavor of our culture. If you will be able to speak a few Romanian words, all of us will love for ever! Besides, the love may not be bought, you don't need to give tips bigger than 10 % (an average Romanian wins monthly between 300 and 400 Euros, no more).
Impressive:90 % of the Romanians are Orthodox, and you should take your time and visit one of the selected churches or monasteries, which are really masterpieces

Speak to the people, they are friendly and will answer gladly to any of your question. They are ready to help you at any moment, as they are proud of their identity and are very glad that you came here. In the restaurants, as in other places, rely on the waiters, asking them what is the best dish to order and how to pair it with the right wine (we are a wine country, but you won't be thirsty if you are a beer addicted). Never forget to say "hello" or "good bye", but is advisable to stay away from any discussion concerning politics.
The horse waggons are still largely in use in the Romanian agriculture, maybe you have the opportunity to take part to a special race!

In many places the best offers are hidden under the incomprehensible notion "meniul zilei". As you pronounciation in Romanian is probably not yet the most accurate possible, take a local (maybe a travel guide) in order to grab this offer.

On the market, you must handle a lot, pretending the wished goods are not so good or you don't need them at any price. Here is again better to receive help from a skilled local.

Otherwise, be sure to visit a fabulous country with a rich history, which is a very safe travel destination

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