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The Legends of Dracula and The Dracula Castles in Romania

There are so many things to say about Dracula, about the common things tighting Dracula and Romania, or about Romania as an ideal Dracula destination. Many myths and legends refer here in Romania to Dracula, and many of them might be overexagerated.

Typical Romanian port costume, as you can still see on Borgo Pass

You must be aware, as long as these myths and legends are a good asset for the Romanian tourism, I won't try to prove them as inappropriate. Nevertheless there are some limits of common sense, correct behavior and historic truth, and I am going to respect them all. Maybe would be much more interesting for me depicting Romania as an ideal culture destination, which I have been doing since a few years, with good results I should say.
Dracula is still living in few places in Romania

But first of all, a few facts, which are actually undeniable by no one, representing the starting points. By the end of XIXth century Bram Stoker published in London the novel "Dracula", based on the myths and legends of Dracula, whether as he could find them in the archives , or he could find in some circles of the society. He placed the action of the novel on the Borgo Pass, in the Carpathian Mountains.
Vlad Tepes Dracula was the inspiring source for the renowned Bram Stoker's Novel

Borgo pass, also known in Romania as Pasul Bargaului, is today a picturesque travel destination. Unfortunately, nowadays there are many villages on the Pass, you are supposed to go deeper in the forest and the wild in search of Dracula. And this is really a tricky difficult task.

Another historic fact: Dracula's model is the ruler of the Romanian state of Valachia, better known under  the name of Vlad Tepes. He might have been cruel, but among the simply people he was beloved, as he was right, very brave and clever during his fights with the Othoman Turks, the enemies of that time. What Bram Stroker and Hollywood made from these myths and legends escaped from any control, but is an excellent publicity for the Romanian tourism, an extra sensation during your Romanian trip.
The Bran castle, one of the many Dracula castles in Romania

Imaging by the way a Halloween party in Romania, e.g in the restaurant from Sighisoara hosted by the house where Dracula was born! Very cool indeed, I can tell you so many things about it, but rather I won't reveal more without an O.K from your physicist. You can enjoy further a Dracula menu!

On the Borgo Pass you can find a hotel called Dracula, build in 1987, hosting in front of it a statue of Bram Stroker, no more and no less. Easy to explain, he made such an excellent publicity for the Romanian tourism!

The Fortress of Poenari is more difficult to reach, but this was build by Vlad Tepes Dracula in person, and many people are still searching in the area the lost treasure of this legendary ruler.

Another must see during your Dracula Trip to Romania is the old Bran Castle where Vlad Tepes slept two nights and where a Hollywood team found a few artefacts useful for the well known movie Dracula. When Dracula died, he was buried in the Snagov monastery, but no one was able to find the body. Please try yourself, may be you are luckier.

Refering to Dracula or not, a travel to Romania is for sure interesting. Hereby I only tried to give other reasons for visiting this fantastic country.

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