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Why you should book your trip to Romania right now

I think you deserved, and I mean it from all my heart. You have been working hard for a few months, maybe years, and now is necessary to have a break. Afterwards you are going to come back with an enhanced joy of life and mood for work, I can bet.

An original culture is to find in Romania at any step (here a Dracula castle!)

Besides, I am deeply convinced, as a travel guide here, that Romania is one of the best travel destinations worldwide, as you can tailor your vacation according to your budget and interest. Most of our tourists are German, and you can imagine that they have strong reasons for coming here. Some excellent offers you can find on the site of Karpaten, which is nowadays the best incoming company for Romania.
If you are kean about wildlife, we have some ideal places for you, Danube Delta is only one of them

The major reasons for visiting Romania would be on one hand the prices. There still some bargains to be found in this magnificent country if you have a clever skilled travel guide. If you travel on a budget, you can find good offers with half pension for 500 Euros, one week. Probably much better than coming individual on your own.

On the other hand, another major reason would be the people. Normal, friendly, always ready to help are 90 % of the Romanians. The country is safe and very friendly to the tourists from abroad. If you go deeper to the countryside and discover the genuine Romania would be an event. Everything tastes better comparing with what you eat and drink usually at your home, bought from supermarket. You are going to notice from the appetizer, when tomatoes will be surely there. This remark doesn't apply only to tomatoes, almost all the food are bio products.
We have also some modern urban life: behind this group of happy tourists you can see the second biggest building worlwide, behind the Pentagon

You can ski in Romania, you can lie in the sun and swim, you can do also culture and archaeological trips. You can even discover in style, not necessary on a budget. More and more love pairs choice Romania as a destination for honeymoon, we have some romantic destinations indeed. You can even have your marriage in an Orthodoxe church, after the prior necessary baptism ( if applies).
The genuine rural Romania can still be found in some places, despite globalization! Here the wonderful Village Museum

If you are a wine drinker, you are going to love Romania, it is a wine country. We can organize for you wine tasting (with or without folcloric show) and you can also enjoy at every meal another sort of wine, e.g. Merlot, Muscat, Pinot gris and of course some sorts like Tamaioasa, or grasa, which are specific to Romania and let them not so easy translated or described. Please discover them in the right places, if you are brave enough and don't fear the consequences.

Keep in touch for any other details, I am sure that booking now means a good save for you. Afterwards, I am in charge to make from your booking an unforgettable event! Cheers, you are waited and welcomed here.

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