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How to explore Romania like a pro

I can give you now another major reason for visiting Romania: we have a freshly elected President, whose name is Klaus Iohannis. he is a Romanian German, e.g a member of a minority counting 1 % of the population. We can prove hereby that in Romania the democracy works efficiently, and hope also that the emigrated Romanian Germans could come back.

The wonderful city of Brasov is waiting for you very friendly

If you want to know Romania like a pro, start please from the Capital Bucharest, you can surely fly there. Bucharest will charm and spell you with its strong temper and tough personality. Counting 2,3 Millions people, Bucharest is one of the major cities of the European community, and also a spectacular one. Once known as the Little Paris, due to our strong affinities with the French culture, Bucharest is the sixth biggest city of the E.U., a little bit bigger than Budapest and Vienna. Don't miss it, it is a must, a good start for any visit in Romania.
Danube Delta is a natural endless paradise

Further you can continue your trip to Romania with one of the major big cities like Constanta, Iasi, Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara or Craiova in order to get a fine picture of the urban life in Romania. Another recommendation would be the cities of Sibiu/Hermannstadt or Brasov/Kronstadt. In the first of it Klaus Iohannis started his political career, leading it for 12 years as a Mayor. We all hope that within 12 years Romania will look the way that Sibiu looks today. It is really a major task and responsability for Mr. Klaus Iohannis.
Downtown Bucharest with a statue of Dracula and the ruins of Middle age court

But further you must discover the deep eternal Romania. You must go therefore to the countryside, where today still lives a half of the Romanian population. Don't expect that all the village in Romania will spoil you with modern ammenities, but the friendliness of the locals will compensate it, making the difference. You will notice here the natural way of life and the well kept traditions, some of them are simply turning to unique events.
Discover the eternal fascinating Romania and its wonderful people to the countryside

These are the highlights of people and land from Romania. Further you can explore like a pro some very interesting cultural sites, Romania is one of the best culture destination you can find on Earth. Visit for example the painted monasteries of Moldavia, or the peasant' fortified churches  of Transivania. Visit also The Danube Delta and the Black Sea coast, or take a walk in the Carpathian mountains. Visit a vineyard and taste some wine (it is a wine country for sure) or an orchard.After a few days you will probably experience a strange feeling, between love, gratitude and belonging.
The Bucharest Triumph Arch has a Paris model and is one of the major reason for calling Bucharest "The Little Paris"

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