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Romania in a few words and days

Well, I must confess it is a tricky dirty job for me this one, introducing to you Romania briefly and shortly. Sometimes happens to me that even after one or two week of my beloved Romanian tours I have the feeling that I forget some things and could tell the story further for a another week at least. Nevertheless, my esteemed tourists must go back to work, to their families or to discover other destinations in this world of us.

In the Romanian towns and villages you can still discover children proudly wearing the national suits. This is the real eternal Romania

So, I must concentrate my knowledge in a few words, and I am almost sure to be able filling this task, as I know and love a lot this fabulous country. It is a medium country, neither impressive big, nor neglecting small with a surface of 237 000 sqkm and 21 millions people proudly calling it home. It is an European country with a huge potential for the future, having as its most important asset the people. They are normal, simply and unsophisticated, friendly and loyal, knowing to use the favorable opportunities when they arose throughout the long Romanian history. The Romanians are also smart, educated, with a mature thinking and able to make the best decisions (the choice of Klaus Iohannis as the President of Romania is a testimony of a fantastic political corectness. Allow me to remember, that Klaus Iohanis is a Romanian German attending the Evangelic church, totally different to the majority of the Romanian population).
Wonderful urban life in Targu Mures, Romania

There are a lot of wonderful hotels all over in Romania, waiting and welcoming you. Bigger or smaller, luxury or familiar, from one star hostels to stylish five stars hotels, we have everything necessary for your short visit (one week-end or one week e.g.). If permitted, I would recommend for such a short stay a travel guide, and this little thing would help to find the hidden places of Romania at a good report between quality and price. Please don't ask further if I know a good travel guide, I won't say a word anymore.
Horse driven cars are still largely used in the Romanian agriculture

Visit in Romania the wonderful city of Bucharest, our Capital, the sixth biggest city of the European Union. It has charm and personality, despite the huge ravages caused by ceausescu and the communist regime to the downtown. Enjoy the Orthodox churches, the nice wide boulevards, the city's parks and fountains. You can discover further urban culture in other big cities of Romania like Iasi, Cluj napoca, Timisoara, Craiova, Constanta, Sibiu, Brasov to name only a few, the essential ones. And afterwards try to discover and understand the eternal everlasting Romania, which is possible only to the countryside. If you are a fine versant maven you will know what I mean. I am sure you will understand this deep Romanian soul, even if I don't tell you prior all the stories about the national history I know.

In this modern global world allow yourself a few days for Romania, you deserved it. I will convince you to fall in love with it, give it a try.

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