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Insider tips for a Romania travel

If you come to Romania, you should know prior the basic things about this fascinating and fantastic country. E.g., today, on the 1.December we celebrate, it is our national day.

Bucharest, the Romanian Capital in winter

Consequently, before any other else, I would advise you to visit Romania on its national Day. You will see everywhere smiling faces and a sincerely genuine joy of life coming from inside to the most of Romanians. It is really a privilege for us living in this country and we also invite you to visit this piece of paradise on Earth. You can even watch the impressive military parade and take part to the useful popular distribution of the portions of beans and sausages, a sort of national meal.
Maybe you should know, the Traian Grand Hotel from Iasi, Romania has been designed by Gustave Eiffel 

You can party further in a night club, there are a plenty of such locals in Bucharest and throughout Romania. It means excellent food with plenty of drinks at fantastic low prices, really a bargain for sure. Besides, you can be treated like a king/queen in a first class hotels, e.g  Ramada Parc Bucharest, with swimming pool, sauna etc.

And else, what can I do else, I can almost hear your next question? Well, there are two possibilities: first of them, there is a lot of snow in the country, you can ski, skate or do other winter sports, in renowned resorts like Poiana Brasov, Predeal, Paltinis to name only a few. Second of them, there is no snow, no trace of winter, that means you can discover thoroughful Romania at its best, making a cultural trip through this country of mine.
If you want to learn more about the Romanian history, the National Museum of Bucharest is the right place for sure

And you can discover first historic Capitals of the former Romanian states, e.g cities like Iasi, Suceava, Curtea de Arges, Campulung Muscel or Alba Iulia, last but not least. Some of them might seem totally decayed, being actually today very small towns, wearing nevertheless a certain pride and arrogance. Visiting them you will perfectly understand what I mean.

Or you can try to discover the fortified churches of the German Saxons of Transilvania. Most of them are sad and deserted, this community is diing, they only mean 0,2 % from the Romanian population. Despite it, a member of this community, namely Klaus Iohannis, has been freshly elected as Romanian President, with a lot of hope and expectations. He must be really a charismatic leader to succeed, the task is not easy to fulfil, we all wish him good luck and will try to help him in this entreprise!
The painted churches from Bucovina are simply fantastic, a part of the world heritage as described by UNESCO

No matter if the winter is cold, hot, rich or poor on snow you can find the best of Romania to the countryside. There you can find the best of Romania, the eternal Romania!  Don't be afraid of the bad winter, any Romanian on the street will invite you inside in his bigger or smaller house   with a natural born kindness and courteousy. You are going probably to resent the same feeling to the Romanian countryside: the time stays still, and you can really enjoy the present moments.

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