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Romania for firsttimers

Dear people wishing to visit Romania for the first time, I must warn you. It won't be the last, most of the people react in this way, due to the beauties of this legendary country.

First of all you are going to love the people. They are normal, lovely, always ready to help, have a fantastic sense of humor and very happy to receive you as a guest of honor. If you reach the deep, legendary and eternal Romania at the countryside everyone there will try to invite you to the dinner. It is really amazing this joy of life coming from inside; unfortunately under these circumstances you are going to hurt some people, refusing their invitations!

In Bucharest you can discover some pearls of architecture, here is one of the city's oldest and most beautiful fountains: Cantacuzino

There is almost no possibility to stay on a diet in this blessed country. Everything begins with the tomatoes, they taste and flavors totally different with what you are eating normally, we still don't use so much chemicals in our agriculture. And our kitchen relies mostly on tomatoes, many of our favorite dishes contains tomatoes, we simply love this taste. Further you should also know that we eat a lot of bread, we are simply champions world wide at this chapter. But please don't worry, no one will try to push or force you to addiction on these bad habits we might have. On the contrary, we, the proud Romanians, are ones of the most tolerant people on the Earth.
Bucharest never forgets to be the Capital of a rural land: The Museum of The Romanian peasant is one of the most interesting and exciting of the all Romania

And this tolerance has been more times shown and proofed during our millenial long history. Reffering to the very present days I could say that we have a strong Hungarian minority, which is very respected and beloved, you can visit it right in the middle of Romania, with their special gastronomy. We also have a small shrunken German community, but from this community we elected our next President, namely Klaus Iohannis. I hope to have you convinced, don't need to talk more about it. Sometimes the Romanians like to much to talk and chat, we are very closed to the Meridionals due to our Latin origin.
90 % of the Romanian population are Orthodoxe, and visiting an Orthodoxe church is a must do

Coming back to the Romanian gastronomy, you are going to observe and even taste the different influences exerted to us. On one side the Balkanic and Turkish influence (moussaka, baclava etc. for the fine tasters). On other side the Western influence and the international cuisine. You won't starve in Romania for sure, whether if you are a vegan, vegetarian or eat everything. And again I won't say more, allowing you to discover by yourself the gastronomic Romania, as it is almost noon! Nevertheless, a short mention about Romanian wines, which are simply fantastic.
The painted churches of Bucovina are one of the highlights in Romania, I am sure you are going to love them (here is the church of Voronet, actually the most picturesque and beautiful)

You are going to find a lot of things to do in Romania, whether you travel solo or with your family. In Bucharest and other major cities we have good theaters and interesting Christmas markets, as also interesting museums or leading hotels and restaurants. We also have a natural genuine Romania, with a few highlight like Danube Delta, The Carpathians with their paths and forests. Even the Romanian hills and plains are picturesque and interesting.

I hope to have been enough convincing, you can book right now over one of the most renowned travel agency in Romania. I am going to be proud and delighted to be your travel guide here.

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