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Most memorable things to see in Romania

There are without any doubts a few necessary things to be discovered in Romania. And I don't mean hereby the UNESCO protected areas, which are really a few and came as a recognition of a fantastic country having so much to offer to the entire world.

In some pats of the country you can still discover the genuine rustic Romania, like in this photo taken in Bucharest, at the Village Museum

The Romanians are special, are different and thus so interesting to so many strangers. I don't know exactly why, because the culture or the rich long history, but we are different and I really can't express exactly the mentioned differences. We are very tolerant indeed, e.g. we have a strong Hungarian minority which is very respected and beloved, and our next President (we are having elections) is very probably to be a German Romanian, namely Klaus Iohannis, the Mayor of the city of Sibiu/Hermannstadt.
Danube Delta is really fascinating with its richness of wild life

When visiting Romania try to figure before the Middle Age, when the Romanians were mostly sheeperds, going everywhere with their herds in search of the best juicy pastures. Thus you are going to understand why we love so much the sheep cheese, might it be cas or telemea, which is really very difficult to translate, bag you pardon for keeping this Romanian words. Nevertheless, we have a few things we are not reasonable, and could not be understood, making Romania so charming, e.g. very few Romanian restaurants offer sheep, lamb or mutton in their menus.
A brillant example of the rich Romanian history: the Royal signs of power from the Dracula Palace in Bran

But please don't worry, you are not going to starve while visiting Romania, actually is very probably to put heavily on, everything is tasting excellent, almost bio and refusing a meal invitation is a matter of honor. The gastronomy itself is excellent, with many different influences and surely a strong taste. The Romanian gastronomy is based on tomatoes, but the tomatoes from Romania taste totally different comparing with what you can find in the supermarkets from anywhere. And we really strive to keep these differences, despite globalization.
Group of German tourists (among them Renate, Mechtild, Manfred) discovering Bucharest. Behind them, the huge Parliament Palace, world,s second biggest building, build by Ceausescu from his sick paranoic ambition

So, first of, discover the people, mainly to the countryside. It is amazing and memorable, even unforgettable. You will understand each other perfect, despite language barriers, if you prior drink together a glass of tzuica or wine! We are a cultivated people, probably your new friends from Romania will be able to speak your language. But they will appreciate nevertheless if you strive to learn a few words in their native language.
Well known as a Dracula land, Romania is also a fine culture destination

Besides, discover the Danube Delta, discover the Carpathians, discover the Black Sea. Discover the hills and the plains, discover the wonderful Romanian cities and a few of our best museums. All of them are really memorable and unforgettable.

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