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Best reasons to visit Romania

I think to be the right time for visiting Romania, which remains nevertheless a destination for all seasons. Usually the groups I guide in Romania are elderly and they prefer on easy to understand reasons to visit Romania in Spring and Autumn.
Traditional old Romanian houses, as you still can find in The Village Museum of Bucharest

Let's go back to our issue, I don't mean "visit Romania now at this very moment" , but " visit Romania".  I don't intend at all to push you, I am only trying to unveal and reveal you a gorgeous destination. Be sure, Romania is waiting for you and you may not resist.

The most important asset of Romania are the Romanians themselves. They are normal people like you, showing a lot of humor all the time. The Romanians are very tolerant and know to receive well their guests, whether in a good hotel, or in their private small house. Any way, you will feel a real guest and can really play the aristocrats. Also important: the Romanians are flexible and can improvise; and they know better than anyone not to tease you with all the kind of silly regulations.
Wine tasting in Romania are really an event

Besides, Romania is a cheap destination, even if you are travelling to the upper class. I am pretty sure you won't regret any penny. We are not too rich, actually one of the poorest country in the EU, but we are still very proud to be Romanians in our Romania. And you can take a profit of it if you find the right places. E.g.: the fantastic  night life of the big city of Bucharest could seem to you very cheap.

But even there in the very center of Bucharest at night, during the wonderful party you will probably observe how safe is Romania and its Capital. Actually, one of the safest travel destinations worldwide. Besides, all these people can behave themselves normally and relaxed, showing good manners.
The rural Romania is a part of daily life

Drink wine in Romania, it is a wine country. Drink and enjoy it, drink and enjoy life as we also do. We have good sortiments of Merlot or Muscat Ottonel, my personal favs and recommendations. You can also taste a glass of your favorite beer, there are plenty of them. But the wine remains the key to definitely win the locals. "In vino veritas" used to say the Latins, our beloved ancestors. Taste also the delicious Romanian gastronomy, it is really a royal feast and you will be very enthusiasthic about it, I can bet.
Fortified church of the Transilvania Saxons (Biertan)

Besides, some of the Romanian landscapes are simply unique and fantastic. And I mean Danube Delta, the painted monasteries of Northern Moldavia, the wood churches from Maramures or the defending churches of the Transilvania Germans, to name just a few.

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