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Essential Travel Guide of Romania

As the vacations are coming nearer, and because you might want looking for a destination, I would like to remember about Romania, renewing my invitation for you to come here.

An event, even in the rural Romania: traditionally dressed children visit the neighborhood wishing all the best

The weather is very nice at the moment, and the huge crowds of tourists are still far away, resulting the best conditions for an unforgettable holliday. It is really an excellent idea to visit Romania right now, before the beginning of the full season. It is a little cheaper (but Romania is anyway a cheap friendly destination) and you can visit it in your own rhytm, away from the mass tourism. You can do it on your own, or over a well established company. The second solution is better and cheaper, watch the unbelievable offers of 1A Vista or Bergen & Meer and try to remake those trips on your own. The difference is huge, as you can see!
A happy group of German tourists, arrived over the established company Berge & Meer. I am very happy to observe that young people also choice Romania as good holidays destination

I already had the honor to be travel guide in this spring for  these companies. It was really great, both for me and my guests, we had a wonderful time. There are a few memorable things to remember, and I must call them back from my working store memory. Really don't know if I can remember all the headlines, but let me try, and allow me bothering with these things. For the former participants at these trips it is quite interesting to remember, while the other people can find the most important things about Romania, preparing their own trips to this wonderful country. I am also prepared to receive other tourists, showing them other and other sides of my country.
Touching tenderness, Romania is an excellent destination for honeymoon or Flitterwoche

I would appreciate in this job of mine the direct human contacts and the lack of routine. That is why I love  it very much, I never have time to bother. Besides, I met with these occasion fantastic Romanians, working at Karpaten, the local corespondent of 1A Vista and Berge & Meer (e.g Alexandra Nedelcu and Gheorghe Marginean, with the risk to have forgotten other; but Alexandra and George are really competent, reliable, funny and helpful).

Romania is not limited at Dracula, but this myth could give you the necessary impulse to visit the land and book your trip
Maybe the spring is the best season for discover the surprising Romania, as everything is green, fresh and full of life. The people are o.k., very friendly, and my tourists even attented a memorable divine service on Easter, in an orthodoxe church, which is really unique and unforgettable. All the people are there, taking that holly flame, and there must be a spirit holding them together.
Shopping in Romania, during a break at a gas station

And the amazing Romania goes beyond any expectation. It is so quiet and peaceful to the countryside, with all the people doing the daily routine works, as they know from centuries ago. Really genuine, really o.k. and totally different from the daily life in Germany, e.g., where most of my tourists live. But we also have an interesting urban life in Bucharest, Brasov/Kronstadt, Sibiu/Hermannstadt, Cluj-Napoca, Iasi, Craiova, Constanta or nature at its best in Danube Delta , or at the peaks of the Carpathians.

It is really a blessed country, and we are waiting for you to show all these beauties.

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