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Comemorating the WWI in Romania

100 years ago World War I bursted out leading after four ugly difficult years to a new design of the boundaries and to the irreparable loss of a few millions people, being after all the most tragic side of any conflict.

In the Romanian Carpathians, at over 200 meters height, the monumental cross of Caraiman is visible from far and comemorates the heroes and the fights of WWI

100 years ago could seem so far away, but in fact it isn't at all. Bring it nearer to you, you must have had a granpa or grangranpa fighting in the WWI. You must have heard a few legend and stories about it seeming you obsolete when hearing for the first time. In fact they only were whether full of humor, tragic or even heroic. Take your time and think about it, it is important for you and all the mankind. But the most important of all, we should do this commemoration "sine ira et studio" as the Greek historian Strabo used to say.
A war cemetery in Bucharest. Here in Romania we deeply honor not only our heroes, but also our former and brave ennemies

To translate it is not so easy, it means "no hate, no party". Or much simplier: your country's ennemies from 100 years ago don't play the same role anymore. E.g.: Romania fought against Germany, Bulgaria, Hungary etc, but these countries are our friends nowadays, I have nothing personal with any representative of them anymore, but even on the contrary! Comemorating WWI shall not mean at all to reignite old conflicts, but on the contrary, we should draw the necessary lessons and never repeat them.
Simply German War Cemetery  in Tifesti, Vrancea

We love very much peace and freedom here in Romania. After outbreaking of WWI Romania managed to keep her neutrality for unbelievable 2 years. Very interesting: Romania had a king with a German ascendance, and the Romanian society was strongly divided between pro German and pro France militants. For two years it has been fought only virtually and intellectually, with lots of arguments on both sizes, and finally our German King took the unbelievable, heroic and romantic decision to fight against Germany. He was very reasonable making this step and kept the national interest above any other matters. It must have been a tough decision, that is we honor so much and so deep our King Ferdinand.
A war memorial for the Romanian heroes in Marasesti

Our beloved Romanian land saw heavy fights and the blood ran in torrents. Wallachia and Bucharest have been occupied, and the King, its suite and court with the government escaped in the Jassy refuges. Bad times for real, but also very heroic on the both sides.  The front on Marasesti-Oituz should be kept at any price, and the Romanians managed to do that. Easy to understand, in the area there are many cemeteries and war memorials, dedicated not exclusively to the Romanians. We feel responsible here in Romania to honor our former ennemies, and the German War Cemeteries are very well kept.

Through a biking tours of 3 days starting from Focsani you can discover a few war memorials and cemeteries from the WWI in Marasesti, Tifesti, Marasti, Soveja. The landscape is breathtaking, another reason to book! Total price is only 110 Euros, you get for it bike, assistance, accomodation in three stars hotel and meals, of course!

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