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Things to avoid in Madrid

Madrid is a splendid city, no doubt. The strong 100 years old building in the center give him a very personal note. No one of this building is not higher than 6 levels.

Typical architecture of the charming Madrid

Besides, the museum of Madrid are really fantastic, starting with the well known Prado. Normally you need many hours to visit Prado, but practically you have to limit yourself to the last two hours of each day where the entry is free. And maybe you should inform prior about the most interesting paintings, according to your taste. Could be Goya, Velasquez, El Greco ant other sacred monsters of the painting.
Museo del Prado, a landmark of Madrid, offer a generous facility: for the last two working hours of the day the entry is free

Waiting the two hours with free entry, please figure yourself that you are not the only one smart guy discovering this very useful things. Imagine at least other 2000 or 3000 thousands people and avoid being the last. Better come one hour in advance and be the first.

While waiting for Museo del Prado you may go in one of the many bars in the area enjoying a dring or a lunch. Avoid making illusions about the free tapas accompanying your drink. They are really so small and unsignificant. Better search a menu del dia (daily menu) for a price between 5 Euros in the quarter Vallecas and 10 Euros in the very centre. Avoid, please, to order consomme, it is a lukewarm water with some leaks of oil lacking any other vegetables. And costs unbelievable 5 Euros. But that is Madrid, not a cheap city, if comparing to Bucharest.
Modern architecture in Madrid. Unfortunately it is impossible to visit any of these buildings and have a wide view of the city

And avoid to have high expectations about the cleanliness of the city or of the restaurants. It is definitely not the cleanest city Europe wide.

But the people, the Madrilenos, are very kind and polite. Any one will stop trying to help you. You should only say "Por favor" (please) and they are only ears. Unbeleivable, wonderful people, wanna salute them again! And here I have another tip. Arriving at midnight, with the metro closed, choice a hotel near the airport, e.g. Ibis Aeropuerto Barajas, which is not very cheap, neither expansive: 60 Euros for a room.Me as Romanian enjoyed a royal reception: the receptionist, chambermaid and kitchen, all Romanians, were waiting for me! I felt once again very proud to be a Romanian.Do all you can and avoid taking a taxi from the airport to this hotel (less than 1 km), because any taxi driver will charge you with 20 Euros for that race!
Otherwise, will be for sure a wonderful stay in Madrid.

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