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Best ways to discover Danube Delta

For such a natural wonder as Danube Delta you need some extra time. But you will be fully rewarded, it is an unique event you should live on your own.

Danube Delta, still an oasis of untouched nature
Watch the map of Danube Delta, and think  to a little detail: this landscape is  changing right now, in this very moment. It is a fantastic and fascinating fight between land and water. Watch it, feel it, smell it, hear it. It is unbelievable alive, and you are a part of it.
Lonely pelicans in the Danube Delta are very seldom; usually these birds are very social, and even catch the fish in pack

If you plan to fly to Romania, the first landing option is Bucharest (allow you an extra time for Bucharest City Break). I would say, time is becoming the most important matter, you are going to need it. Then go by bus or by train from Bucharest to Tulcea, it will last 4, respectively 5 hours. Once you arrived in Tulcea, which is actually a turning point for Danube Delta, you have two options: whether you stay there (hotel Europolis for budget, hotel Delta for class!) or you go further by boat or by car, in the very heart of the savage Delta. There are a few hotels, but not all of them are to recommend because of certain reasons.
Hotel Wels and its fantastic location

I discovered since a short time a good hotel which lies only 25 km away from Tulcea, and is reachable both, by car or by boat. It is friendly atmosphere there, in Hotel Wels, which is not very big and far from the beaten path of mass tourism. It has a wonderful location, combined with a good service and a friendly staff.
A trip deep inside in Danube Delta, courteousy of Hotel Wels

When I discovered the Hotel Wels it was Autumn, magnificent colours all around, but too late for bird watching, most of them were far away. But I can still remember my trips from the hotel in the most remote and savage places of the Danube Delta (you must pay extra, of course, but it really worth every penny). And I could also visit Sulina (once a very important city), or Tulcea with its museums. I had a wonderful time, I can perfectly remember everything, including the cooker and its fabulous fish soup.
Please remember: Romania is not only Dracula land, but also the blessed land of Danube Delta

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