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Carpe diem, as you must live the present day

Carpe diem means, if you don't know, live the day. we can also understand to live hic et nunc/ here and now. It is not so easy as one can think. You must quit your bad thoughts, your bad habits focusing on what you can collect with all your senses. Forget anything else, as it can harm you a lot.

You simply can't think to anything else while visiting Danube Delta

This approach might have something in common with yoga, zen or tao, but we don't need to interfere all the details of these disciplines. Please remember, all you must do is to concentrate deeply on the moment and on the day, and I really think that a trip will help you in achieving this important goal. By the way, you need a vacation, and I propose you to visit Romania. This country is special, different and breathtaking beautiful. We the Romanians love this country, work gladly for it and also enjoy showing it to the foreigners.
Please stay tune to the essential (here is the unique Peles castle)

The first option for travelling to Romania is by plane, and you arrive hereby in Bucharest (other cities also have international airports, but Bucharest is normally the first choice). Once landed in Bucharest might be a problem if it is lately night and you must reach the city. The taxi must be your last option, and you must notice all these basic rules: one kilometer costs 1,5 Lei (or RON, this is the national coin), and consequently a trip in city center may not exceed 30 Lei (under 10 Euros). Be sure that the taximeter works. If you are there in day light, use the line buses, but you must prior get your tickets. It is totally not recommended to hire a car for Bucharest, it is an overcrowded big city with 2 Millions of inhabitants, many visitors and tourists. A happy exception and a nice surprise is Bucharest during the scholar vacations, or on weekends. The traffic runs smoothly and you can therefore  feel the charm and personality of this wonderful city. My recommandation as hotel in Bucharest is Ramada Parc, which is not far from the center in a nice peaceful neighborhood and offers a good report between price and services.
Visit an orthodox church in Romania, and feel the amazing energy!

But I assume you are not in Romania only for the week end during  a Bucharest city-break! You must live in Romania a few more days, and I hope you can allow it ( not a matter of budget, Romania is still a normal country with reasonable prices. It could be rather a matter of your tine). If you are not in the mood to select your attractions in Romania, one suggestion is to let the professional work for you. I mean hereby a good established company, which is Karpaten. They will be able for sure to tailor a trip according to your wishes.
The ancient court of Vlad Tepes Dracula

I think further that a good idea is to leave Bucharest by train  for Iasi/ Jassy. The travel lasts 5 or 6 hours, is not very expensive, but very comfy and relaxing. And the city of Iasi has many things to show, as is an arrogant former Capital city of Moldavia, one of the historic Romanian countries. You will see first unending planes with a very fruitful land, and then some hills. A wonderful landscape for sure, but remember: Carpe diem, you must stay concentrate.
Voronet is one of the outside painted churches, really a masterpiece

Let me think further about your next program and schedule,please!

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