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Only in Romania

Every country is different, and sometimes is good to think about the national specific. That is why so important to go somewhere else and getting a new fresh perspective. That's why I travel often to Germany or other European countries, but also to visit all my friends living there.

There are a few fantastic museums in Romania for the culture freaks (here selected glass works from the beginn of XXth century)

First of all, thank God, in Romania not everything is set and reglemented. We still have genuine landscapes and a certain joy of life. We love our mountains, hills and plains, we love the Danube Delta and the Romanian Black Sea Coast. Despite the globalization, Romania still remains the main target for the vacation of the Romanians. That's why I dare to invite you here, you have a lot to see.
The wonderful city of Brasov is a highlight due its Medieval downtown

We also do have good hotels. Private property, international chains, Romanian chains, be sure to find everything you want, no wish remains unsatisfied. Besides, the friendly and educated Romanians will invite you private when visiting a village. An amazing people for sure, very proud and sometimes dissapointed by their corrupted politicians.
Dracula Castle from Bran. If you seek the sensation, we have the myth of Dracula

We deeply love and respect Transilvania, Moldavia, Dobrogea and Valahia (our historical provinces) with their long and troubled history. We love our minorities, the Hungarians, the Szekely, the Germans (unfortunately this community is shrinking, but the Romanian President is Klaus Iohannis), and also the picturesque Roma and Sinti. There are obviously regional differences, due to traditions and minorities, but we are still there holding together, as we love this country. That's why I dare to invite you there, you are welcome.
Happy tourists, friendly locals. The two people from the front(my arms on their shoulders)were one of my best and loveliest groups, thanks

You can do a lot of things in Romania. You can ski in the winter on the slopes of the Carpathians Mountains, you can fish and hunt, you can make a detoxification and practise some sports. In the summer you can swim in the Black Sea, you can watch interesting shows. In spring and autumn you can take part to some cultural tours, e.g. following the traces and the history of the German Saxons.
Danube Delta is really genuine and peaceful

About the gourmets, they won't be dissapointed at all. Taste the cabbage rolls with polenta, is simply fantastic. If you didn't know (that's you you might need me and that's why I am here) Romania is a wine country, one of the most important producer worldwide. You will fall in love with our drops of wine and ask for more. On the other side, the beer drinkers will also find something special and be very happy. Wonderful country, that is why I invite you here.
Who seeks urban life, will find in Bucharest. Don't miss the Ceausescu Palace and the night life

For all these reasons, becomes Romania a must for you. And there is another reason, but I can't find the words for expressing it. Maybe a certain vibration, maybe a cosmic radiation which you can try to discover by yourself.

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