miercuri, 13 ianuarie 2016

Understanding yourself, understanding the world, understanding Romania

Hard to live on Earth these days, we must face strong emotions almost daily due to the suicide   attacks
.It was one in Paris, and therefore the tourists don't go any more so enthuthiasthic in the city of lights. But imagine a couple of lovers, dreaming to climb during their honeymoon on the Tour Eiffel in Paris, and tell me please how could they replace it?

I hope that Romania will remain an oasis of peace, despite the terroristic threats in a global world

Besides the yesterday attack from Istanbul will affect even worse the travel industry. The victims are all Germans, the target was a group of Germans (Why Germans? Poor people were not guilty for any political decisions!). As a professional of the travel industry, I wonder about the travel guide, if he is still alive (with your permission, I am a travel guide btw). Maybe a foolish egoistic question, perhaps I should apologize. Since yesterday the tourists retire from Istanbul, and no one books that destination any longer.
The castle Peles in the Carpathians is an architectural pearl and a place of peace for sure

Egypt, Tunisia, Mali, are to avoid due to the former or possible future attacks, Germany seems also to be dangerous, in Madrid we had train attacks a few years ago (but I will personally nevertheless visit Germany and Madrid soon with any risks). Is there still a safe destination anywhere on this shrinking world? Maybe a deserted island, maybe a remote chalet in the mountains, etc,  name please yourself one of it.
In Romania you can still hear the flowing water and forget any bad thought

As a travel guide in Romania, I wonder how long could Romania still remain an oasis of silence in this global world. We are a medium sized (20 Millions) pacific people, not very rich, but very proud. We wait gladly our guests and receive them like royals (Prince Charles of Britain has one property in Romania). Not many refugees would deliberately choice Romania as target, and also seems not to be an attractive target for terrorists. I hope it will remain so for longtime, but who knows? Romania is normally a very safe country, since 4 years by my groups has been registered only 2 incidents with beggars.
Danube Delta is a must see during a Romanian trip, but we have many other highlights

But there are risk anywhere. Despite those risks we should rule a normal life further. I will visit soon Berlin and Madrid, and hope that nothing bad happens. I also hope that my tourists will further come to the quiet Romania (half of the Romanians live to the countryside, and there is no risk there. But Bucharest is one of the biggest cities of the European Union, and nevertheless a quiet city with a low criminality and no terroristic threat.)

A folkloric show is rural, archaic and genuine

I have all the compassion for the victims and their families, but I am going visit Madrid and Berlin. Do the same, visit Romania and rule a normal life.

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