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How to enjoy more and better your Romanian tour

Supposing, just supposing, that you finally booked your trip to Romania, after long discussions  with your wife, mother in law, children or your possible travel mates. Not a surprise, everyone had another approach, opinion and interest.

Romania is before anything else a Dracula land. You won't miss this sensation for sure.

But supposing that you finally booked, but what comes next will be definitely much more complicated and much more difficult, as you must make from your Romanian trip an event and a success. And by the way, due to the cancellation fees there's no way back, you must go straight on and visit Romania. But I can tell you something: it will be any effort worth, and you won't regret any penny or cent spent for it.
Some Romanian towns and cities have a downtown with a fantastic medieval touch (here Sighisoara)

If you are on your own, also only you and perhaps your family, try to visit a Romanian village. You will find plenty of them, almost a half of the Romanian population still leaves to the countryside. And most of Romanians, as any other normal people, have a nostalgy and respect for traditional values, for the way of life of a few decades or centuries ago. I can suggest you now the wonderful location of Bazna, in Transilvania, close to Medias and not far from Sibiu. It is amazing quiet and peaceful, a good opportunity to forget the modern life and make a digital detox (I mean you should forget any gadgets and devices, even computers). And another suggestion is lodging to Casa Bazna, a good pension with friendly stuff.
We, Romanians, love and esteem rural life, even if we don't rule it anymore (here the Village Museum from the Capital city of Bucharest)

If you are going to travel in a group, besides the incoveniences possibly caused by other travelers, you have also a few advantages: organisation, program, travel guide (don't think necessary to me, there are a lot of qualified travel guides in Romania). Check nevertheless what he does, it is normal (hotels, menus, entries etc), but if you mind that he is a reliable person, do that, rely on him! Take part to the extra trips, if the time allow it, and follow any other of him/her proposal. He is normally a friendly, correct and reliable person, as the most of Romanians are. If you are so unlucky to get an exception, don't allow him to spoil totally your trip, and tell what you dislike. Sometimes a simple friendly discussion can solve almost anything.
Fabulous landscape in the Romanian Carpathians (Cheile Bicazului)

Besides, you can try under certain circumstances to behave and act like a local. It will for sure only until you open your mouth and speak. If you did your homework correctly and played your role in a satisfying manner, it is most probably that the Romanians will be disappointed. Never mind, and please don't take personally, and remember some magic words "Va rog" (please) or "Multumesc"(thank you). Any Romanian will adore if you do that, they will appreciate your time and work for achieving it. Count with a private dinner invitation further, and enjoy your new connection.
Casa Bazna is a small pension with fantastic friendly service within the village of Bazna

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