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Quintesential Romania 2.0

Here in Romania we keep saying that our country is a piece of heaven. I really love this wonderful fabulous country, and I would like to introduce it to you, as you must also enjoy Romania.

The Romanian Orthodoxe churches really worth a visit 

I wonder sometimes if I do the right thing talking so much about Romania, if I exaggerate  and I must say to you an important thing : I do my best to keep unbiased. There are a lot of things to criticize in Romania, and I will avoid the temptation of hiding undesirable aspects. Yes we have wonderful landscapes, but also corrupted politicians remembering their electors only when the election come. The most of the people are educated, and have beside a born common sense making them charming for everyone. There are a few prejudices about Romania and Romanians which are totally not correct and I must fight ( e.g. the ugly campaign from the British press due to the fear that the Romanians and the Bulgarians will come in mass and take all the jobs to the Brits!)
The Rural Romania has many to offer, you can simply go back in time

Romania might lie somewhere to the edge of the Europe and has no big historical and political significance, might say some critics. Also, we lack the huge cathedrals from the Western Europe or the luxury from the tsars' courtyard; besides we have neither a brilliant infrastructure, nor perfect streets. But we can overcome all these prejudices, God really left you a nice land and I am still trying  indroducing it to you.
Romanian Gastronomy is a seducing mix of flavors and odors, and you can make some differences between regional or ethnic specialties

You can really find here breathtaking landscapes, and some of them are already a part from the UNESCO protected areas. We have mountains, Danube Delta, seaside and each of them has a particular charm making it unique. The brave French Captain Jacques Yves Cousteau himself was mesmerized by the Danube Delta, and the Prince Charles of Britain bought a few properties in Transilvania, seduced by the unique beauty of the old villages.
Hungarian suits from Transilvania, Museum of Medias

Another fantastic asset of Romania are the people. Mostly of the Romanians, almost 90 %, are Orthodox and speak Romanian, but besides there are interesting minorities of Hungarians, Szeklers, Germans and Roma making together a fascinating whole view. We love very much these minorities of us and say them thank you /koeszonem szepen/danke for there contribution to our history and civilisation. Very interesting is to  discover the regional or ethnic diversity in the Romanian gastronomy, really a feast of the senses.
Untouched mountains off the beaten path

50 % of the Romanian population still lives to the countryside making the country again unique. You can discover both the Rural and Urban Romania observing what is very similar or very different in them. The Romanian big cities like Bucharest, Iasi, Timisoara, Cluj-Napoaca, Craiova, Sibiu, Brasov, Oradea, Constanta are a must see if you are interested in culture, while the villages from certain regions as Maramures, Bucovina, Moldavia kept some fantastic traditions. Also interesting the small towns like Sighisoara, Falticeni, Tulcea, Suceava etc proudly showing an industrial area, former communist blocks of flats, but also an old traditional downtown making the delight of any visitor.

Last, but not least, Romania is very safe. Myself as a professional travel guide have no unpleasant incidents to report, and many people can confirm. The prices are decent and the services excellent, I really think you should hurry up and take a profit from all these facts!

Maybe you will agree now that Romania is an attractive yet fantastic destination, and I will keep on assisting you in this pleasant discover. Stay tune, I will come back.

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