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5 Reasons To Spend Easter In Romania

You know already, Romania is really unique, and the Romanians are special for real. Blessed by God with fantastic landscapes and wonderful people, we celebrate life in every moment and never forget to thank God for  these gifts.

Easter is an excellent opportunity to taste the Romanian gastronomy

And that is the main reason for my wish that you travel in Romania on the holly opportunity of Easter. 90 % of the Romanians are Orthodox and attend the church, specially on this special day. Oppressed  by the communist regime, the church and the faith saw an extraordinary revival after the Revolution of 1989. It is really a show of its own, nowadays when less and less people attend the church worldwide. Observe all these people during and after the service, when they are supposed to carry the fire at home. They are unbelievable happy, having forgotten all the little daily troubles!
The nature in Romania on Easter is absolutely fab

No matter the circumstances, the Romanians are excellent hosts, you will see whenever you visit Romania. But on Easter it is really beyond any imagination. Your Romanian friends will do much more than usually for you, while unknown people will kiss and invite whether  to dinner or to the lunch the very next day. Really unbelievable, you will see, you must only be very careful, these feasts are  rich for real, and it is going to be a big stress for your liver and stomach. No problem, we have some antidotes!
On Easter most of the Romanians attend their churches, please find them over there

For the beloved wine addicted, or wine afficionados, Easter is an excellent opportunity to taste one or more sorts from the best Romanian wines. White, red or rose it may never lacks from the ritual Easter feast, together with the boiled eggs. Also important to remember: the church uses currently the wine during the service, e.g to communion, marriage or even christening. The wine plays actually a very important role during our daily life, it is one of the overwhelming gifts of Christi. We have had vineyards here since a few thousands years and the wine culture is a thing we are very fond for.
Easter is a perfect opportunity to taste on the ritual dinner the Romanian wines

If you are a friend of nature and free air, bear in mind another fact: the Easter to the Orthodox falls on the first night with full moon after the spring equinox. To be more precisely and exactly, for this year is on the 20.th of April. Divine wonder or not, usually is a very nice weather and all the nature has started a new cycle of life. The trees are green, many of them in blossom, the bees have a lot of work. The spring works on the fields are mostly concluded, and the upcoming harvest can already be estimated. It is a fantastic joy of life keeping everything together. And you can also be a part of it!

Another reason, actually the fifth and the last: Easter is still outside the full season, there is no mass tourism and the prices are really a bargain. Lots of promotions are waiting, and everybody from the travel branch will be happy to salute you as a guest and as a friend.
The Romanians are usually friendly and hospitable, but on Easter these qualities go beyond any imagination

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