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How to discover best of Romania

A group from Holland, a group from Austria and a German group have something in common

All these nations have something in common: they are very old proud nations, but also enthusiath Europeans. We all know the exemplar engagement of Germany, Austria and Netherlands for the European cause, bringing so good things to Romania, e.g.! But myself, as a proud Romanian, I am deeply convinced that the European investments  in Romania are among the most profitables Europe could have done!
5 Austrians+6 Dutchmen+9 Germans= A big group of tourists wishing to discover Romania

And remember, and don't forget: Romanians are very grateful, and don't forget to say "Danke", even much more times than anyone expected! So are we, the Romanians, we are very devoted friends, and give everything for a good friend. But also good to know, we won't let this new European enthusiasm and engagement to turn in a colonization.

The very different  national groups used to sit separately during meals. But otherwise we build a good team together. My main job was to put them together, like a football coach!

But, to be more briefly, I can ask you guess what could have all these groups in common, but I don't think you are going to succeed! And that's why I am going to unveil it: 5 Austrians, 6 Dutchmen and 9 Germans have booked their trip to Romania through the big concern LIDL between 6th and 13th of November. It was a big pleasure and a deep honor to me being the travel guide and manager of this group, thank you all from LIDL and Karpaten (local representative of LIDL) and I can only hope to have made a good correct job and to did not disappointing anyone, neither among the tourists, or the concern, or the local representative.
This trip was more or less even a Dracula trip, even if Romania has much more to offer! But the cruel Dracula in Transylvania is a must do for sure.

First of all, anyone could observe, that the concern LIDL succeeded to organize a very nice, interesting and educative trip, at an excellent report between quality and price. The prices are really unbelievable, it is really very difficult to understand how is LIDL able to organize such excellent travels to such affordable prices. Booking individually, would cost much more, almost double, so please stay by LIDL/ Karpaten and book there, it is an excellent business for you and your relatives!
Perfect driver (difficult to observe through the wind glass, but this is Marian, called Jumper, no one remembers why!) and excellent bus, almost new.

The schedule of this Romanian trip from LIDL is very charged and very intensive, but I succeeded to fill it entirely. Beyond that, as a smart tour guide I am, I succeeded to do something special for my tourists, but this is my best  kept secret, and I won't unveil it. I do it so gladly, as I really love so much my tourists (e.g. I introduced them all my family, a typical Romanian one, consisting on my wife and our 23 years old sun!)

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