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How to get more from your Romanian vacation

How to get more from your Romanian vacation

When booking a trip to Romania, even if you take a good package, as by LIDL, think to the simple thing that LIDL tailored it on a statistical basis for an average client!
Motivated or not, but real, Dracula is a part of any Romanian Tour

It is very normally and easy to understand this approach from LIDL: put yourself in their place, trying to develop a new product ( as Romania is still out the beaten path actually), and you would do the same thing!

But once you reached this wonderful country, or even before, via Internet e.g. you can try to build yourself a real image of Romania. First of all, put the bad publicity aside, it is all faked and has nothing to do with the reality. From my long experience as a travel guide/ Reiseleiter I can say again and again: Romania is one of the safest destinations for a perfect holidays. Actually, the bandits and criminals gone out, looking better and richer countries. You don't need necessary to believe and trust me, search any statistic, please!
Traditional Hungarian suits, normal in a part of Romania (it is one of the most important and most respected minority these days)

But, supposing you reached Romania, by a certain transportation mean! Arriving by plane over TAROM in Bucharest/Otopeni please check and double check your luggage! During a recent 7 days Romania trip one of my tourists, turning to be a good friend, namely Dieter Kizinger, came without one luggage, lost by TAROM (see, I don't want to hide anything!). I called by myself more times at TAROM lost luggage, but unfortunately with no success or result! By the way, I already learned and remember reference number ROOTP82216, if important!
Inside an Evangelic church of the Transilvania Saxons. Nowadays the German minority significantly decreased and is in danger to extinct!

Hoping you are beyond this important step of a Romanian tour, speak as much as possible with the locals (plane pilot and stewards, travel guide if you have one and is good, hotel and restaurant staff, simply people met on the street). Most of the Romanians are very friendly, well mannered and good educated, speaking for sure foreign languages. They will give you the last informations and best offers. If you learn a few Romanian words count with an invitation to the dinner, but it is dangerous!

There are a few ways to get more from your Romanian vacation. You may, e.g., take part to a wine tasting, as Romania is a wine country, as a former part of the Roman empire. Or you can try to visit a museum or a town/village being not in your main program, but keep in mind that some of them can cost extra, I won't set an amount, depends on more factors!
A little walking tour in Romania will enhance your team spirit for sure.

Another brilliant idea, specially if you are a part of a group, a few different people who just met them there in Romania. In order to build a certain team spirit, organize your time together, e.g. make a walk of 3-4 hours, or play some sports together. Thus, you have on one hand a better in depth knowledge of Romania, and on the other hand a perfect teambuilding.

If the main program allows, I am sure you can find something to reach the both main goals, as mentioned above! I have also other propositions, e.g. climbing mountains, campfires and so on, and never forget the main targets.

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