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Best Romanian destinations on Halloween

Best Romanian destinations on Halloween

We in Romania are not very superstitious, even on the contrary. I mean, we believe in God, or 90 % from us do, on a good reason, fearing the ultimate instance. But further we make a lot of fun and a lot of jokes about black cats and other common superstitions coming from outside, mainly Scotland and America.
The picturesque Romania is a good place to spend Halloween

We also make a lot of fun of the number 13 (it brought me always luck and happiness). But we have also Dracula, and every body is very serious about him, as an important motor and vehicle for the Romanian travel industry!

We all love Dracula here, and I owe you some details about his life and real history. Dracula was a ruling prince in the Romanian Vallachia, who dared to fight against the threatening Turks. He was may be a little bit too cruel, not only against the Turks, but also again the rich Romanian seniors and landlords, who were not very loyal. That is why the people loved and venerated Dracula, whose real name was actually Vlad Tepes. There are a lot of myths and legends about Dracula, but I am going to tell you about not this time.

Staying to the Halloween and the related Carnivals, as we have nowadays in Romania a splendide weather. It is a fantastic and spectacular Autumn, with daily temperatures up to 25 degrees Celsius! So, you can spend a wonderful Halloween in Romania, even an unique one. Of course you need a special vestimentation, which must be very cosy, but also very sexy, and there a few special places for Halloween!

1. Sighisoara hosts the birth house  of Vlat Tepes Dracula, inside its unique medieval citadel, an UNESCO world heritage. Nowadays you can eat there (take a lot of garlic), it is a good restaurant. Not far a torture museum, an weapon museum and a secret room, where - but I'd better let you discover by yourself!

2. Bran Castle is also known as Dracula Castle, but had nevertheless with Dracula not very much in common. It was the property of a grandfather of Vlad Tepes Dracula, and Dracula himself was hosted one or two nights there. But the legend still lives, and it can be very useful for the Romanian tourism.

3. Piatra Fantanele resort lies even on the Borgo pass, where Bram Stroker placed the action of his strange novels, making from the poor Dracula a superstar, on the Hollywood connection. Thus, it has much more in common with Dracula as the Bran Castle!
Despite its interesting palaces, Bucharest is a fav Halloween destination

4.A carnival in Bucharest, on the Lipscani street, in a fancy local, not far from the royal court of Dracula, where he has a statue.

You will find anywhere an interesting mix between the local ingredients (Dracula wines or vodka, e.g.) and the international suits for Halloween, and you are going to have a big time for sure!

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