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Most impressive sites and landscapes of Romania

Most impressive sites and landscapes of Romania

Wow, I got a theme, again about Romania. I must say, I love this country of mine, but not everything is pink in Romania. We have corrupted politicians (but what nation hasn't?), lazy people, stupid people etc. Nevertheless, even in the Sun there are stains, and Romania is subsequently a place to fall in for sure. Allow me to introduce Romania and explain why I do find it so attractive.
Danube Delta and its spectacular vegetation

Being a tour guide, I met Romania in the most remote corners and I have my personal favorites. It is really difficult to make a short list with selected sites and landscapes. Plus, I strive to deliver a neutral unbiased opinion, beyond my personal impressions, and that is why I will tell you about the internationally recognized attractions, as you can find them in the UNESCO list of the world heritage.

1. Danube Delta is simply fantastic and fabulous, I mean it. Comparable with Amazonia in a certain way, has something genuine in this more and more artificial world. But it is also huge and not very easy to discover, you need time. And you must try to discover it in full as an unit: people living in isolated villages; rare birds and interesting exotic plants. Also amazing and to mention is the fish soup, be sure to try it, tastes really different.
Happy people during their Romanian trip

2.The antique Dacian fortresses from Orastie Mountains, by Deva. You need patience and must be in a good shape, you must climb some mountains. But these remote citadelles show how much did Romania for the mankind: they are older than the Roman Empire, who conquered Dacia, as a half of the world. The heroic and desperate fight of the Dacians gave birth to a few heroes (the Dacian king Decebal comitted suicide) and many legends (the hidden treasure of The King Decebal is still being searched in the area).
This is a wooden church from Maramures

3.The wooden churches from Maramures started from the interdiction of building from other raw material than wood. The Romanians should obey, but made some masterpiece! Many of those churches are between 50-70 metres and really impressive.

4.The painted monasteries from the Northern Moldavia are simply unique due to the perfect harmony between them and the environment. If you are in Voronet watching its significant blue of Voronet ( similar with green of Veronese or Red of Tizian) the sky blue will overwhelm you afterwards.
This worlwide renowned blue of Voronet has a still secret and undiscovered recipe, probabli based on lapis lazuli powder

5.The fortified churches from Transilvania. When invaders, e.g. Tartars, Turks etc came, they were of course in a hurry, and didn't allow themselves to wait. A few days, maybe even hours, have been decissive for the survival of the communities and its members. The Saxons (Germans from Transilvania) build a lot of fortified churches ( about 150) where they should wait until the Barbarians are gone.

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