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Travel guide by LIDL in Romania/ Reiseleiter bei LIDL

Travel guide by LIDL in Romania/ Reiseleiter bei LIDL

If you know the concern LIDL only as a retail chain, you are wrong. They do a good job and business even in the travel branch, and I would like to unveil more about it, as it worth your time. I think you must know and be aware about this excellent bargain from LIDL!
The Romanian dances and songs are really different

Besides other good offers, LIDL has an excellent discovery tour of Romania. It was a total success this year, with 10 trips of this type to Romania, and I had the honor and pleasure to guide two of them, on behalf of Karpaten, the Romanian partner and organizer from LIDL.

This trip to Romania consists on flight, half board, two nights in Bucharest (first and last, because of the flights), three nights in a very friendly house from Bazna and two nights in a very good house from Predeal, namely Piemonte. It is first of all to notice that LIDL and the local organizer are very good negotiators, even excellent, I must say and recognize. If you try to book on your own in these excellent hotels you will get a double, even triple price!
Traces of German culture and history in Brasov. We say Danke!

Second, it was so nice and pleasant for me that the travel guide has much to do and organize on himself. We in Romania love to improvise, we really have this talent and culture due to our communist past full of penury and poverty. Please, don't get me wrong, I respected literally the program from LIDL, but I fought hard to offer something supplementary (or EXTRA, as I like to say). I hope I succeed and the clients have been very happy and satisfied in this short trip to Romania (only one week long, I repeat).
Romanian wines are not easier to produce! But the country is still among the world's most important producers

During the trips happened more very touching and interesting events. We took to a church service in German, as the trip is among more targets, a trip inside the German culture and history in the Romanian Transilvania. We tried the tasty meat rolls, an excellent Romanian speciality, as the Romanian wines (Cabernet Sauvignon remains my personal favorite, I can recommend it before any other wine. This wine really got something divine in it, giving a fantastic strength and energy).

Four of my travel guests had birthdays and we celebrated, of course, with a lot of wine. I had also birthday and I invited them all for a round, in a fantastic mood. A few of my travel companions discovered their roots, they are born respectively around Oravita, Constanta and Bistrita. Wait them again to search deeper, as it was really touching.
Celebrating a birthday during the trip, in a cave , of course

I can recommend this wonderful trip, I am going to make it unforgettable, and has an excellent report between price and performances!

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