marți, 27 martie 2012

what to do with a red wine?

I personally find red wines a little bit more recommanable than the white ones. Really feel the reds more genuine, harder, but nevertheless tenderer. Drink red wine with a sour goat cheese, with a red meat, with spaghetti. Drink it two glasses at the second dish, and you will enjoy better the wine, as also the dish itself! Don't swallow at once, let the wine go throughout all your mouth, and specially through all the region of your tongue, in order to feel all the hidden taste. I would underline the exceptional importance of the tongue as the carrier of the tasting papillae. Train your taste, and you will be amazed how fine can it become, and try to maintain your tongue in a good shape through avoiding too hot or too cold, or too spicy dishes. Don't smoke, unless you will be not able to feel the richness and the bouquet of the wine.
Don't neglect to smell the wine, and don't forget to watch it carefully observing its surface and the forming pelicula (which must be continuos)
I usually drink medium dry, and I suggest fr the men to do the same; on the contrary, the ladies could prefer the sweet ones!
Drink anything, if it is red wine! drink it responsible and with moderation, and tell me how you drink Red Wine

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