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The Salt Mountain from Slanic

Leaving Ploiesti towards Slanic and Valeni de Munte means to drive in a certain way out the beaten path. So, don't leave the city of Ploiesti to Campina-Brasov, or Campulung-Brasov, and neither towards Buzau-Focsani. Please take care a lot to the indicators, maps, GPS, as otherwise you'll be in serious troubles!

Only 40 km away from Ploiesti, in a majestic landscape, the resort Slanic welcomes its visitors with rowing white firs, but also with one of the oldest salt mines of Wallachia, opened already from the XVIIth century. When the exploitation begun, there were actually two salt mines, but along the years one of them collapsed inside forming Baia Baciului/ The sheepherd bath. The precipice filled with water , resulting in the swimming pool you can see nowadays!
Typical house from Slanic

But in Baia Baciului another surprise is obvious: due to collapse of the first salt mine, the soil above the other mine has been removed and an entirely salt mountain emerged to the surface. It is an amazing view, looks like a giant crystal with cutting edges, changing color in the sunlight.

Inside this mountain, the mine filled it with water, building The Bride Lake. The legend says that a local girl comited suicide here, after her parents forced her to marry a boy she didn't love. The salt water pushed her to the surface and kept her there, but she died nevertheless due to the strong impact (he falled from a high rock).
The old salt mine from Slanic is excellent for fighting lungs diseases, due to the constant temperature

Unfortunately, only a few years ago, another part of the salt mountain collapsed, and the Bride Lake lost its fame. But the place deserves nevertheless a visit due to the strange bizarre aspect. You can take an excellent bath in the lake, don't forget your suits.

Visit further in Slanic the Salt Museum, as also the old mine, and continue your trip to Valeni de Munte, a small but interesting town, having many to reveal to any visitor. Nicolae Iorga, one of the most distinguished Romanian scientists ever, has lived here for 40 years, and his house is nowadays a Memorial, where you can admire fine paintings, and unique pieces of furniture, with a popular inspiration. Next to the Memorial house, a collection of church works of art, with a focus on icons and books from the XVIIth century.
Please notice the lake from Slanic with its amazing neighborhood, and finally take a good bath 

If you are rather interested on natural phenomena, direct to Cheia, and meet a very special thing: The Green Mountain. It consists on rare soft volcanic rocks, and the locals use pieces of it to obtain a special ornamental mortar, which you can observe to the most of the fences and houses.

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