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Epic trips and special feelings in the Romanian Retezat Mountains

All the mountains, young or old, volcanic or of other origin, must have been very frightful to our ancestors. Every people has its own myths and legends, and the mountain peaks have been reserved for the Gods, not for the humans! The Romanians are not excepted from that kind of legends. Our people is very close to is mountains, and they used to shelter and food in the deep of the mountain forest, and also used to say "The forest is brother with the Romanian!"

I wonder which was the stronger impulse for exploring the mountains and revealing its secret: the need for resources, or the call of the unknown? Conquering mountains, the human always wins self confidence, skills and knowledge, and these feelings are not limited to the Romanian Retezat Mountains, the Romanian mountains. In the same way applies to the Andes, Alps or Himalaia. The mountains are genuine, broadly speaking. You can feel much closer to the nature in the mountains, and there are strong reasons for the yoga retreats to be in remote places, mainly isolated mountains.
Near Bucura Lake in Retezat is allowed to camp

Further I would dare to say that The Retezat Mountains are very particular, not only in Romania. These mountains are surrounded by high mountains, and are far away from the main roads. These things make the Retezat Mountains really special, a strong personality and underline its richness. These mountains are sober, high, and they won't allow you to discover them, if you don't respect them enough!

Driving along the Mures Valley between Orastie and Deva, and looking to the North, you will be totally impressed and fall in love by the irregular aspect of the Retezat Mountains. I would name the Retezat Mountains what is inside the Retezat national park, which is a breathtaking nature reserve with some endemic species of animals and plants. Lodging in the area is possible in the Gemenele cabin, e.g., but remember to grant more days for the Retezat Mountains.
The spectacular and not easy to find black goat (Rubicapra Rubicapra)  has an important population in Retezat, but in other areas of Romania and Europe vanished

Even if you are not an expert, you can discover many things about the older or newer history of Retezat mountains. First of all, the last glaciation left behind visible traces. The Retezat mountains hosted the biggest glaciers in the Romanian Carpathians. Observe too the glacier lakes, they are simply overwhelming, over 80! (e.g. Bucura, Black Lake, Brazi, Custurii  etc, to name just a few ones).

In the big forests of the Retezat mountains observe the levels of vegetation: first level, between 700 and 1200 meters altitude beech, oak, and hazel trees. At 1000 meters appear already the coniferous, mixing first with oaks and beech. Between 1200 an 1800 meters the coniferous are the only one who can resist and stay. After that limit, it is too hard even for them! In the forest and on the picturesque meadows an expert can find many endemic species, but I will spare you from those impossible Latin names, e.g. Draba Dorneri.
A survivor, a natural one, with his shepherd in the retezat

A special mention for the animals of the Retezat Natural Reserve, mainly big mammals. Any addicted hunter would find here many running targets, but must be aware: he must posses a special permit. I saw important population of deer (Capreolus capreolus), pigs (sus scrofa) and crows (Corvus corax). Nevertheless, I assume that the bears(Ursus arctos) live the best in Retezat, together with the lynx (lynx lynx) or the black goat ( Rupicapra rupicapra). Beware of vipers on the hot days, when they come out for catching new prey (birds and rats). The rivers an the lakes are rich on fishes, mainly trouts.

You are going to love these mountains and this natural park, every nature freak does. Must be aware about the right behavior inside the natural reserve, bag you pardon for telling and remembering you it. Don't leave many wastes behind, think about all the possible dangers, keep any fire under attention. But I am sure you know all these things, even more, and love this planet and our nature, as you wanna come in the Retezat mountains!

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