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Most spectacular mountain  lakes in Romania

Romania due to its continental mild climate experiences in summer long drought periods and consequently in wide parts of the country the lakes are appearing very rarely. It is no desert actually, but maybe similar in a way.

Some parts of the country, as Danube Delta or Black Sea coast enjoy the blessed presence of some wonderful lakes, like Razim-Sinoe, but I am going to report about them on a further occasion. I would like to concentrate right now to the Romanian mountains (The Romanian Carpathians) with there wonderful lakes , previously mentioned in Retezat Park e.g. I adore all these mountain lakes, and the fishermen also do. Most of these  lakes are glaciar ones; a few are natural dam lakes (e.g. Lacu Rosu/red lake) or anthropic dam lakes (Bicaz, Lotru, Portile de Fier, Valea Uzului).
The picturesque lake Sf. Ana/ Szent Ana To is really picturesque, and totally unique in Romania, due to its  volcanic origin

Only one lake in the wide area of Romanian mountains has a volcanic origin, and thus is really unique. Its name is Sf Ana, and not only its exotic origin make it really special, but also its breathtaking look and position. It lies in the Ciuc mountains, inside the Romanian Szekelyi County (or Szekelyfold), very close to natural dam lake, namely Bolatau, and an artificial dam lake, namely Poiana Uzului. These three spectacular lakes make from these county and mountains one of the most picturesque in the all Romania.
The dam lake Poiana Uzului matches perfectly with the landscape,  which is  rarely to a human made lake

The lake Sf Ana with a huge area around constitutes a huge protected natural reserve on more than 80 hectars (160 acres). It lies on the bottom of a former volcanic crater and has an almost perfectly circular form. Not very deep, only 7 meters, offers excellent conditions for swimming, despite its cold temperature in the middle of summer. The beautiful local szekelyi girls use to go swimming in this lake, totally naked. All around beech and fir forests. There is no any known sources on the surface, but most probably strong depth sources on the bottom. There is no river feeding or being feed from the lake, the water or snow falls are the only known sources. Very close to the  lake there is a motel, you can eat very well Hungarian like specialties, like goulasch. Fishing in the lake is permitted, but you can find only a small sort of trout, which has been populated 100 years ago. You can reach the beautiful lake by car, or walking a few hours whether from Bixad or from Tusnad.

The nearby Lake Poiana Uzului is totally different, but not less spectacular. It is human made, but picturesque and perfectly set in the natural landscape. The dam is huge, 80 meters high. You can reach the lake by car to the dam, when is a welcoming motel, or to the other end, where you can enjoy a much more genuine nature.

In my opinion these totally different contrasting lakes, lieing one next to the other, offer a perfect balance, and that is why I consider to be so spectacular!

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