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Best Easter Getaways in Romania

There are many interesting things to know about Romania, or to do in Romania. One of them is the fantastic development of the religion in the last 20 years, after the dissolution of communism.

90 % of the Romanian population is Christian Orthodox, and the half of them attend regularly the Church service. Most of the priests are really devoted to their mission and communities, excellent examples for the people around them. There is a strong strength protecting this blessed country, and for a fine observer is the most spectacular thing during a Cultural Church Tour.

Even if you are not in the mood for for a Romanian Church Tour, but only looking for Easter Getaways I can recommend you some good places in Romania. Because Romania is relatively cheap, interesting, the people are wonderful, and still enjoy a fantastic peak and charisma. Romania is still off the beaten path, and you can make a good profit from it!
Downtown Suceava, the Local Council

The first destination is the picturesque Bucovina with its hilly landscape and many churches. Visiting an Orthodox church makes you really experiencing a fantastic, unbelievable and unknown force, having nothing to do with your religion or beliefs. All you have to do is simply visiting short the church during the night Easter celebration. The Romanian Orthodox will start within a week the Easter abstinence, and after the Easter service will enjoy a huge feast. They will surely invite you taking part to the feast, there is plenty of food and wine there, beware the overfilling!
An amazing fountain in The Bucharest Herastrau  Park

You can try to do for a few days the Bike Tour of The Painted Monasteries, to keep you fit. Otherwise, you can visit all these painted monasteries in one day, admiring the proud local popular suits. If you are on travel with family and children, visit the Suceava Fortress and the History Museum, or try riding horses in Radauti. If you travel solo there are other great stylish  destinations in Romania.

If you are on a time pressure,  or you like more the urban life, I would recommend two destinations: Bucharest and Sibiu. Bucharest, the amazing Romanian Capital, offers a lot of attractions. Its glamorous palaces create in Downtown a very chic atmosphere. It is an overwhelming eclectic mix of styles, and you can really feel in another century. Besides, in the Bucharest parks the coming spring will bring an explosion of colors. The Orthodox churches will be surely full, and you may visit them, beyond any language or religion differences. There are a few stylish hotels, which can turn your stay in an event. For your children there are a plenty of activities, starting with the museums, pools and parks. There is no time for boring in Bucharest, guaranteed!
Even if you are not a culture freak, worth to visit the Sibi

Sibiu, called by the Old Romans Cibinium, is the center of the German minority in Romania. Unfortunately, there not so many Germans in Romania anymore, but in Sibiu you can feel and observe their strong presence. In the central Downtown you can walk a lot, stopping in one of the many pubs and terraces. The Architecture is rather similar to a German city, than to a Romanian one, at least in the center. Visit in Sibiu the amazing art museum Bruckenthal. If you are with your fiancee/lover/wife test her faith to the Liar's Bridge. Outside the city, in Dumbrava, there is a fabulous museum in the middle of the forest, with traditional houses from all Romania. Enjoy a tasty juicy meal in one of the good restaurants still having in menu traditional dishes, e.g. meat rolls, together with a glass of wine.

Thus you are going to like Romania, but also the Eastern ritual feast.

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