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Best yoga retreats in Romania

If yoga is a philosophy or a way of life, or may be both, is still an opened question. But when it comes to be happy enjoying life, nothing compares to yoga! I agree with the yoga freaks, gurus or master, I do totally!

If you practice yoga, there is no reason breaking your lessons and sessions during your Romanian holidays, but on the contrary. Many Romanians are also practicing, you can join one of these groups (unfortunately the best Romanian guru, namely Gregorian Bivolaru, is not in the country anymore!). You can find these open groups in the big cities like Bucharest or Iasi, Cluj-Napoca, Constanta etc, mainly in the student quarters or high intellectual circles. Or you can keep practicing on your own, as usually, with the necessary mention that some places are much better than others for your exercises!
Even a fancy luxury hotel like Bucharest Radisson can offer good conditions for practicing yoga

First of all, the Romanian shore of the Black Sea offers excellent conditions for yoga. If you can get the wet stripe during sunrise all your chakras will enjoy. You can do it in the rustic Vama Veche or in the cosy Costinesti. Don't bother about the other people on the beach at that time. They might be drunk, tired or are doing the same thing (some of them might be even practicing tantra, don't bother them please). It is also possible to find a remote corner only for yourself, if you prefer being alone during these fantastic moments.

Another amazing place for yoga practicing is the Danube Delta. Make the right choice and stay in a remote pension, or camp in the middle of nowhere. The Danube Delta is still almost genuine and waking early in the morning means to hear some fantastic bird songs, or the fishermen living in their boats. There is a strange strong energy coming from anywhere, you need only let it flooding you.

You can even dare keep practicing your favorite yoga positions while staying in one of the country's leading hotels, but under these circumstances you should adopt the Tina Turner's method: take an extra room, only for your exercises, if the budget is not an issue! Ruling this healthy way of life should not exclude tasting and enjoying a glass of wine (my personal opinion and experience).
The spa retreat from Herculane is one of my secret tips for yoga freaks

Other great yoga destinations in Romania are the spa retreats from Felix and Herculane, no doubt. Their pools with thermal water and their surrounding hills covered with forest offer the most fantastic conditions for feeling the prana!

For the lonely type, my last tip: climbing mountains will help better understanding and enjoying God and life. The peaks of Moldoveanu or Ceahlaul are not an impossible task to achieve, offering royal rewards and compensations!

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