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Epic Tours in The Fagaras Mountains, at the heart of Romania

Supposing you are a Millionaire, money don't matters and are last issue for you, and you must find the most eccentric way for visiting Romania. Under these circumstances, I would recommend doubtless and with no reserve starting your Romania journey through landing on Moldoveanu or Negoiu, Romania's highest peaks.

It is really a good idea, the best possible for visiting Romania in the most stylish possible way. But to be honest, I must confess: for such Romanian Eccentric Tours I had no demand, and that's why I must come back, addressing to the normal ordinary people like you and me. No matter, I have other checked  ideas for discovering Romania on a budget, but also in the Fagaras County ( also referred as Fagaras Country).
The Fagaras Fortress is fabulous, you can stay there and figure the daily medieval way of life

We have Fagaras Mountains, Fagaras fortress and town, Fagaras County and even Fagaras Country. This area stretches in the center of Romania, between Brasov and Sibiu, showing a long spectacular history, starting with the good old antique times, when the Romans conquered Dacia, forming the Romanian people (around 105 B.C.) and even before. Later, around year 1000 came the Hungarians, starting the interesting Medieval history of the Fagaras Country. Despite foreign occupations from Budapest and later on Vienna, Fagaras remained Romanian in the majority, having rich trade connections with the other Romanian countries, mainly Wallachia.
The small town of Victoria is a good base for conquering the  Fagaras Mountains

Start your discovery tour with the small town of Fagaras, whose life turns around the Medieval Fortress. It is certainly by far the town's most interesting sightseeing spot. Be sure to find there a few restaurants and a hotel. Please don't bother searching lodging anywhere else, stay here in this spectacular fortress and try to figure the medieval life. You can easily reach Fagaras by car and by train. At noon (normally is never too hot) you can take a walking tour of the town, observing the people, the churches, the remote mountains. Please keep in mind the direction, and start to explore them.
Conquering Moldoveanu requires training and a good shape

You can direct first to the town of Victoria, a typical industrial communist one. You are very close to the big Moldoveanu indeed! You can start climbing! Or you can go further to the village of Cartisoara, and drive on the breathtaking Transfagarasan road, reaching 2042 meters height. But there is no chance to conquer the Moldoveanu by car, it is 2500 meters and requires training and a good shape. About Transfagarasan Road there are a few legends. When Ceausescu build it in 1974 it has a strategic goal and the construction required its victims for sure ( probably much more than the officially recognized 40 deaths). In winter is always closed, as you can imagine, and crosses the longest tunnel in Romania, near Balea lac ( unfortunately not ventilated at all, and thus very dangerous). Another possibility to try conquering the big Moldoveanu, Romania's highest peak, is to stay here in the cabin Balea Lac, take the funicular to Balea Cascada and start climbing from there. Now it is not so difficult anymore, anyone can try it.

And once there you can really feel like a Millionaire! It really worth your time and efforts.

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