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The Big Romania Tour of The Horse Meat

The British press, mainly The Guardian, made from a small thing a big issue. Poor guys, must lack totally inspiration and interesting subjects. Maybe an explanation of the slow death of the print. The Brits fear Romanians and Bulgarians invading their happy island, and they fear also their lasagne being produced with horse, instead beef!

But I really believe that one should be happy when buying silver and getting gold. The right horse meat tastes better than beef, and everybody should enjoy when those things happens. And the sad victims are supposed to find ways for reimbursing the producers for their losses.

Here in Romania we don't eat regularly horse, it is a delicacy reserved for the feasts and celebrations. You should know and be aware, that there are special breeding lines for horse meat. This meat is very low on fats and cholesterol, please stop complaining when you find it in your lasagna!
These savage horses from Danube Delta are still living free in the nature

A few centuries ago, when Romania was almost totally covered with forests, and the German cars totally unknown on the planet Earth, everybody used to have one or more horses, it was normally and necessary. But no one used to eat them, they had many other sources of meat. Dead horses were a matter for dogs and wolves. Nowadays we have not so many horses anymore,and we must start growing again to cover the huge demand caused by this stupid  press campaign.
One of the most beautiful horse in Romania (heavy breed)

But let's go to the point, The Tour of the Horse Meat. Free savage horses are to find today solely in the Danube Delta. It is a good idea starting the tour there, with the necessary mention that these horses are more difficult to find and see than the pelicans. My tip: try on the Letea Island, but don't think of hunting them, it is forbidden. Besides, there is no chance to eat  horse inside the Delta, only fish. Exclusively fish, nothing else than fish, you are going to miss anything else, e.g. a piece of horse meat. Only in Tulcea, at Hotel Delta, you can have your favorite lasagna with horse meat, or even get a healthy juicy horse steak, baked in bread crust, with garlic sauce. There are no more comments to be made, except pairing the horse meat with a good white wine, e.g. Cabernet Sauvignon from Murfatlar or Niculitel vineyards.
The Romanian horses are still widely used in the local agriculture. This  is a very creative unique example.

From Tulcea, go please to Oradea, in the other corner of Romania. You can do this travel by train, or by car in two days, with a stopover in Iasi or Brasov. Observe on the way the many horse carts, still massively used in the Romanian agriculture and try not to hanker hungry after them. There are good chances to find good conditions for a grill on the way. It could turn into an event, but you must be prepared with your own horse meat, which is not so easy to find.

Once in Oradea, go for a walk in the downtown, and find next to the Continental hotel one of the best horse restaurants in Romania. Order here a horse soup, followed by a spiced horse goulasch and enjoy totally. Let them spoil this time with a good red wine, e.g. Merlot.

I spared other details about museums or whatsoever, but everything is right scheduled, as I love this country. So, don't be worry about it. Mail and call me for all the necessary details, but be aware please that I am a little overbooked, due to strong interest from France and Britain.

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