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5 Most Captivating Castles in Romania

5 Most Captivating Castles in Romania

The Romanians suffer on a strange disease: they are very generous when come to naming a building as a palace. It must be a relic from the bad communist years, when the buildings were almost identical, and the local identity totally destroyed. Under these circumstances, maybe you you will understand easier: any older building, different to the contemporary stalinist style became automatically a palace.

Any small town has a palace, and even many villages have an own palace! Most of them totally decayed or insignificant, showing to be big disappointments! That's the reason why I shall name the massive, old, special and significant buildings as castles!

Trying to make a selection of the most impressive castles in Romania, Peles comes first, no doubt. It has been built by the first German King of Romania by the end of the XIXth century. It lies in a wonderful alpine landscape, in Sinaia, where the neighboring forest turned to be a park. Inside is a sophisticate expression of the best taste. From the castle's 100 rooms you will allowed to visit only 4 or 5, during a guided tour. But they are really the best ones, and the most spectacular. You will see even a present from an Indian maharajah, but I don't unveil more!
The Bran Castle had nothing to do with Dracula, but takes a huge profit of this myth

Second comes the Bran castle. Also owned by the former King's family, was intended to guard a trade way between Transilvania and Wallachia by its inauguration in the XVth century. On mysterious way, it has been tighten with the myth of Dracula (not true at all, to be honest!) and enjoys crowds of visitors. That's why I  recommend to start the visit in the morning.
The massive Corvin castle from Hunedoara

Another interesting and recommended choice, for the third place, is the Medieval Castle from Hunedoara, who belonged to the Prince Iancu de Hunedoara. He ruled over Transilvania, and the Romanians claim this name for him, together with his Romanian origin. The Hungarians name him Janos Hunyady, and say he was Hungarian. Maybe the true is in the middle, or maybe beyond: new approaches said it was a Serbian! The historic truth is that he was very brave, fought successfully more times against the Turks and died suddenly on plague. This castle belonged to him, and you can admire the some unhappy restoration works, but also a shocking torture room.
The Fortress of Poenari really belonged to Dracula, but lies off the beaten path!

On the fourth place, The Fortress of Poenari, waits only the trained skilled people, who can climb 1000 stairs. It really belonged to Vlad Tepes Dracula, who used it for refuge and defending fortress. There are still rumors for lost treasure of the Prince Dracula, hidden in this remote area, many people are still searching!
The Fortress of Rasnov is another Eagle's nest, very rewarding for the pacient tourists

On the 5th place, also last, but not least, the Fortress of Rasnov, by Brasov, offers a fantastic unique view to the Carpathians!

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