luni, 22 aprilie 2013

Medium Romanian Wines

Despite my deep love for my country, Romania, I must accept that not everything is perfect here! We have corrupted politicians, o.k. (who hasn't?), but we also have fantastic, charming, helping, normal people (and this matter really counts, I hope).
Romania is before all a wine country

Thinking to Romania as a wine country, but trying to be unbiased, I must say that could be a problem if you want to buy a good wine from the supermarket, it  might be a tricky moment! Better search for a reliable producer, but what you do when you are in the mood at night for a glass of wine? You go to the supermarket, I did myself yesterday. I avoided the cheap import wines, and I also avoided the cheapest Romanian wines.
I was not very happy with these specific wines

I made first a good choice, I was hoping: a bottle of  half dried Merlot Rose from Murfatlar/Conu Alecu. It was to be a special occasion, I payed for a bottle of 750 ml 15 RON (almost 4 Euros) and I was not happy at all with that wine.Maybe I have too high expectation for this producer, and is entirely my fault then! But the liquid I found in the bottle was not at all a good wine, as I can recognize one! 
Don't miss anymore opportunities to visit caves and vineyards in Romania!

I made another try, hoping to a much better experience. I checked and double checked a bottle of dried Merlot from Rovinex/Romanian Classic/Dealurile Vrancei with the same results. It is not a premium wine I could recommend or drinking the second time. But it was cheaper, 12 RON/3 Euros for a bottle.

First conclusion: don't expect to find a very good wine under 20 RON/ 5 Euros and don't miss opportunities to visit caves, wineries and vineyards! You can find excellent unbottled  wines for 2-3 Euros/100 cl, which means a significant difference!

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