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Most important things to know about the rural Romania

If you wish becoming an expert in Romanian problems, or think you are already, you must have noticed the regional differences between the Romanians from Moldavia, Wallachia or Transilvania, due to the historic occupations from different people.
The Romanian churches are a good place to gather the locals on every Sunday

Everything is set now, we made peace with our historic enemies, we love and esteem them whether they still live in Romania or have gone in other countries searching their happiness. The Romanians are deeply tolerant, and have an overwhelming force to assimilate other people. The most important thing for you is briefly this: you are welcomed! The people will enjoy your company, will try to speak to you and will probably invite you to lunch or dinner. You can accept or refuse, they will be not upset.
A welcoming wine tasting room

Less than 5 % of the Romanian village population is to fear, and those are not necessary the poorest. You are supposed to feel these dangerous people and avoid them, if you are really a world traveler, as I assume. If you aren't, take big care, and maybe the best thing for you is booking through an established incoming agency, e.g. Karpaten.

If you insist knowing Romania by your own, you can still book your flight over Internet to get a good price., but once in Romania use the local buses or train, they are perfect for this choice. They will observe, despite your desperate try to dress and look like a local (probably you don't speak Romanian perfect!). Most probably, the invitations will start to fall, and you are not ought to accept the first. Anyway, take a look to the room and ask about the price, it is totally normal. If you still want to stay on an adventure budget travel, you can even cook by yourself  your local specialties, inviting your host to join. They will appreciate very much this way of socializing, and will totally adopt and love you.
Country landscape in Romania, with a good fresh air

In some remote parts of the country, e.g Maramures or Danube Delta, you can simply seduce the locals giving them cigarettes and alcohol, but broadly speaking the Romanians are becoming more sophisticated. Try to visit the local gathering points, e.g. the church and the pub. Be very careful about the proper decent suit during the Sunday service in the village church. To the pub don't take such severe precautions anymore. Visit also the local markets (flea market, vegetable market) and you will surely find many interesting things.
In some remote regions, e.g. Danube Delta, is usually a good idea giving to the locals  cigarettes and alcohol

Even to the countryside you have good opportunities to discover Romania in style. In many regions with an intense touristic circulation four stars pensions or hotels will be happy to welcome you, even in the middle of nowhere. Enjoy your senses in a fancy restaurant or to the spa.

Whether in style or on a budget, discover your piece of Rural Romania, counting on the locals welcoming you. With the unavoidable exceptions, they are friendly, polite, have good manners, and the big wish to help their guests. Give them something back, learning a few elementary words and phrases of the Romanian language. And drink a glass of Romanian wine with them.

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