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UNESCO World Heritage sites in Romania

Visiting a World Heritage Site in any part of the world is one of the most important thing to do in order to get  the best from tour destination. It is on one side, a small tribute to the hyper qualified, but independent, team of the UNESCO experts searching world wide treasures of the mankind, worth to a visit from you. On the other side, you go to the best destinations certified by independent authorities, sparing precious time and money for your searches.

Romania is one of the happiest examples worldwide of perfect coincidence between the recommended UNESCO sites and the most frequented destinations. The complete list of the approved UNESCO world heritage sites in Romania is easy to check at and most of these destinations I am warmly recommending with any possible occasion, in writing or speaking, inline and offline.

A floating hotel is a wise way to visit Danube Delta
Briefly, the approved UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Romania are the following:

1. Danube Delta is one of the best preserved Deltas in the world, a last refugee for many endemic and endangered species of plants and animals (mainly birds). Strongly protected by the Romanian authorities at local or national levels, offers even spectacular human encounters with the fishermen from that region. Most of the are the descendants of fugitive persecuted Russians from the XIXth century, making this piece of water and land simply unique!
Voronet, a breathtaking pearl of the Middle Age

2.Painted Monasteries from Bucovina have used secret recipes for their colors, making sometimes the restoration works almost impossible (most renowned of it is the "Blue of Voronet", compared with " Veronese green" or "Tizian's Red"). Painted in the Middle Age, they tried to bring the region myths closer to the people. It is amazing the perfect harmony with the environment (soil, sky, villages and the surrounding hills)
Barsana Church from Maramures

3.Wooden Churches from Maramures are very traditional, build in same way as few centuries ago. They are to find in a remote insulated region of the country, where there is still plenty of wood. Also to observe in the region, the massive wooden gates, measuring the wealth of the locals. They have been build during an oppression period, when the Romanians were not allowed to build in concrete or stone. But these fantastic wooden churches lasted better!

4. The Horezu Monastery is an unique architecture masterpiece in the Romanian Brancovan style. Has a perfect balance among colors, shapes and ornaments, simply  overwhelming for any culture freak!
The amazing Sighisoara Fortress during a Medieval Carnival

5.The Historic City of Sighisoara is the only one Medieval Fortress still inhabited. Easy accessible from any point of the town Sighisoara, offer broad view to the all region. My secret tip: discover the traces of Dracula, eating in its birth house!
The Fortified Church from Biertan

6.The Fortified Churches from Transilvania could shelter for weeks the all population of an entire village, if the reserves were enough! Most renowned in Biertan or Viscri (where Prince Charles of Britain owns a few properties)

7.The Antique Fortifications of the Dacians from the Orastie Mountains are not easy to access, as they belonged to the ancestors of the Romanians, running from the conquering Romans. Most renowned is the Sarmizegetusa Regia. Savage mountains, mysterious artifacts complete an interesting getaway.

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