marți, 20 august 2013

Comparing Romania and Hungary in the friendly way

A few decades ago no one, but absolutely no one, could dream to dare comparing Romania and Hungary. It was such a silly emnity and rancour between these two countries, forced by the Geography and History to stay together, one next to the other.
Romanians and Hungarians love wine and enjoy life

I am sure than we have much more in common than one could think. The personal relations are really excellent, I am honored to have among my friends a few Hungarians, and I even managed to learn a few words. Koeszonem szepek to all normal friendly relaxed Hungarians, which are not necessary the enemmies of Romania. The only problem are the silly crazy politicians, like Jobbik, Gaudi, Vadim Tudor. With a normal relation between Romania and Hungaria they must perish for sure, they won't accept it easy! Despite the extremists of the both sides, I must say: I like Hungaria, I love the Hungarians and I am very fond of the Szeklerland! Without forgetting that I am first of all Romanian.
Oradea/Nagyvarad/Grosswardein  is a nice Romanian city, with stong traces of the Hungarian culture

There might be extremists on the both sides due to historic facts, myths and legends etc. But don't let the History separate you, allow it only bring you nearer. We have an unique chance, we are both European countries and there is a generous model between France and Germany.
Is this Bucharest or Budapest? Be very careful when doing a plane reservation!

Besides, Bucharest and Budapest are closer than one might think, similar in some directions and anyone can take one for another. 400 fans of a Spanish football team landed in Budapest, while the match was held in Bucharest. Funny, but true; unbelievable, there are people on both sides who feel insulted by this interesting error. Other, much crazier, guess a conspiracy behind.
But this the lovely Budapest, no doubt

The people are not so different after all. Romanians and Hungarians love wine and enjoy life. They like to sing and dance, they like to have a good meals, but are also hard working. There are many happy mixed marriages, most of the people from Transilvania feel to be simultaneously Romanians and Hungarians, sharing simply similar traditions of a fantastic richness. It is definitely time to stop fighting or hating just because speaking other language. Make love, not war.

I have got a warm Jo napot for all the Hungarians I know, or I still don't know, and please help me to learn other words and phrases.

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