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Things to do in Iasi

The city of Iasi (pronounce Iashi) is a former capital of the medieval state of Moldova (or Moldavia). Iasi counts nowadays 400 000 inhabitants, being further one of the Romania's most important cities.

Iasi is very spiritual and very cultural, mentioned even these days as the cultural capital of Romania. Iasi has many museums and if you are a culture freak you are going to love this city. Prominent personalities of the Romanian culture lived for a while in Iasi, e.g. national poet Mihai Eminescu and the fabulous story teller Ion Creanga.

In the very center of the city there are 4 museums under the same roof: Palatul Culturii. You need a few hours, even days to search thoroughly through these museums, but you are going to feel much richer, culturally speaking.
The magnificent Culture Palace holds four museums under its roof

Very close to the Culture Palace with its four museums you have another attraction, of a totally other sort: two malls, if you wish to go shopping. Observe inside the pretty young girls, going out for a chat or a coffee. To be honest,most of  the Romanian ladies are very beautiful indeed, very aware about that and very attractive. Easy to observe in these malls: they are oversized, expensive and usually almost empty. The investment is huge, the look wonderful, I can only hope that the ROI is also satisfying.
Iasi offers excellent shopping possibilities

As an important cultural center, Iasi has been hosted since a few centuries a few Romanian leading universities: Technical, Medicine, Computers etc. Many of the graduates of these universities, mainly from the Computer School, work abroad, Sillicon Valley is full of Romanians. These students are very important for the life of Iasi. They make actually most of the clients, both for museums or malls. During the scholar vacations the city of Iasi looks really sad and deserted.
Hotel Traian is one of the city's best

One of the most important things to know in Iasi is that some of the best Romanian wines are made here, in Cotnari or Bucium. In these villages you can take part to memorable wine tastings at acceptable prices (10 Euros a wine tasting with 5 wine sortiments). Besides, you can find in Iasi restaurants the best wines from the above mentioned vineyards, remember Francusa or Tamaiosa de Cotnari (white wines, the second with a fantastic aroma).

Going in a restaurant in Iasi and asking for the right wine might be a problem. Search first the house wine (vinul casei) which comes usually unbottled, and thus much easier accessible. Otherwise a free quarte bottle costs between 10 and 20 Euros. About food, check always The Promotion of the Day (Meniul Zilei), two or three dishes meal at the price of 4 Euros.

I still have many things to say about Iasi, it is one of my favorite cities in Romania. It really has a charm, even charisma, but also the arrogance of a former capital.Bye bye for the moment, keep in touch and keep on following my blog.

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