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Wine tours in Romania

If you are a wine addicted, as I am, or even only if you are only an occasional wine drinker, you are going to find Romania exceptionally. It might be turning to be your second adoptive country, as we have very good wines at competitive prices. 

The most significant Romanian vineyards

Wine culture has in Romania a convincing old tradition. Our forefathers, the Dacians , knew to wine and the complicate way to get it from grapes. They even became addicted, thus slow, lazy and not so good soldiers anymore. Our old rulers Burebista and Deceneu  decided than very brutally simply, yet unbelievable, to destroy the vineyards.

Nowadays Romania proudly sits among the first 10 producers worldwide, with a wine culture and civilization comparable with those from France, Italy or Spain. In a few regions of Romania (e.g. Vrancea, Murfatlar, Valea Calugareasca) the vineyards are simply turning to monoculture. Despite the huge problems of this sector, you can find excellent wines in Romania, and if by chance you meet a wine farmer, be sure that he is going to invite you to lunch or dinner, with the obligatory wine tasting.
Wine tasting in Romania in a special location, the former salt mine from Praid

If you are taking part at a Romania tour and have by chance the extra possibility to attend a wine tasting, don't miss it by any means. It is not very expensive, but really spectacular and rewarding, and usually doubled by a folklore show. There are more places where you can find these unique events, read above.

Much better if you come to Romania on a wine tour, but even under these circumstances I can make some differences. First of all, if you are a pair of lovers, keep in mind and always remember that you must drink totally different sorts of wine comparing with the situation of an old gentlemen traveling along. There are also interesting differences between the best wines for a man vs the best wines for a female!
A professional wine tasting in Romania

A few leading vineyards will make you enjoy the life so much more with their delicious wines. I already mentioned a few of them, but I am going to count them all again. Uniting them on more or less conventional travels you got a wine tour of course. More concrete details when I am going to propose you a Romanian wine tour. 

In the region of Vrancea (with the towns of Focsani, Panciu, Odobesti) you will meat a fabulous wine civilization. Ask about the delicious sorts and varieties Galbena de Odobesti, or Tamaioasa, aside the internationally better renowned Muscat Ottonel or Merlot. Go on the local fantastic Wine Road with many events taking place on every step. I will organize soon a biking trip along this Wine Road. Not far from Vrancea, find the vineyards from Pietroasa and Valea Calugareasca.

You must feel a sort of wine with all your senses, this is the secret of a conaisseur

Murfatlar by Constanta is also a very compact vineyard with good possibilities for tasting. Search the Chardonnay, this is the local hit.

Not far from the nice city of Iasi, find the traditional vineyards from Cotnari and Bucium, or even Husi a little further. Enjoy these wines in the vineyards or in the leading restaurants from Iasi.

In the west of the country, by Timisoara find Recas, a fabulous vineyard offering mainly red wines (Merlot, Cadarca etc)

In the very heart of Transilvania between Sibiu, Cluj, Brasov and Bazna find the Tarnava (Kokel) vineyard. As the climate is here cooler, the wines are consequently dried. Search for the restaurant Butoiul Sasului from Ganesti where you can find a few of interesting varieties of wine.

This is only the start of an outstanding discussion about the Romanian wines and Wine Tours, and I will present much more of them in the predictable future!

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