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Romania for foodies

Whether if you are a food addicted, or a wine afficionado, you will find excellent places in Romania where you can feed your small guilty addictions.

To better find the local flavors, keep in mind that sometimes the Romanian monasteries offer rooms for stay (not very comfy, for sure). If they invite to the dinner, don't dare to say no, it is an unique experience.

The Romanian kitchen has suffered successive strong influences from the neighboring countries and discovering them means already a multicultural side to your Romanian travel. Amazing how this very tolerant people managed to adopt and assimilate all these strange influences, but simultaneously achieved to keep a total particular touch. Because the proudly Romanians are really different comparing to their neighbors! Discover during your travel to Romania the taste and flavor of German, Hungarian, Russian, Turkish and French or international haut cuisine.
Miercurea Ciuc, in Szekely land, offer total special tastes and flavors

But you are supposed to discover the Romanian dishes, this is the really the ground, the first letter of the alphabet only after that you will we able to feel the subtle influence of the foreign dishes and kitchens.  So, find first a Romanian restaurant, there are still a plenty of such restaurants in Bucharest, Iasi, Craiova and other Romanian cities and towns. It is possible to make the difference between the very popular restaurants, which are very cheap and usually have a fantastic daily offer ( called "meniul zilei", my tip: never miss it if you are on a budget!). It consists on two or three courses meal which costs approximately unbelievable 4 Euro! Add please a glass of the house wine ("vinul casei") for 1 Euro and you are again prepared for new major adventures and challenges in Romania.

I must accept, you already learned some Romanian words. It is very useful for your survival in Romania. Romanian is really easy for the people who speak or understand French, Italian or Spanish (we have many things in common with these people, love and respect them a lot, being also descendants of the same almighty Roman empire! It should by all means not to understand that we don't love or respect other people, even on the contrary: the Romanians are perfect hosts with a natural born hospitality and friendship).
An exquisite Romanian luxury restaurant

The second category of Romanian restaurants are the more exquisite ones, which are not so cheap any more, are very seldom to be find to the countryside or in small towns. Very probably, they also offer excellent folklore shows with interesting songs and dances. Even if you don't understand the language, despite your practice and knowledge, you will be able to understand a lot and will be mesmerized about it!

A few specific Romanian dishes: vegetable soups, or even trip soup for the next day of the all night parties (sour and spicy for sure); mititei (similar with the Turkish cevap-cici); meat rolls with corn mush. Add please a glass of strong local wine (I would recommend a red variety, e.g. a Merlot!). It should be all by now, will come back with other spicy details!

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