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Best places for celebrating Valentine's day in Romania

Celebrating Valentine is not an easy thing, rather a very complicated one. You must be very aware of you and your beloved one, as you must wish from the bottom of your heart being with that special person together. I am sure you are going to be the perfect Valentine's gift for your partner, but please don't forget to buy something special for your lover, whatever unsignificant it may appear. May be even a travel to Romania!

Casa Bazna is an ideal place for spending Valentine's days

Don't even try to celebrate Valentine's if you are not in the mood! You must be totally prepared, by activating your chakra (I am not a guru, but the love chakra you are going to find very easy), and having read something about prana and karma.Valentine's day is totally different from any other usual party which you can attend and organize throughout the year, in Romania or elsewhere. Your love must be deeper and clearer like a love song of Julio Iglesias or Leonard Cohen.

After all these necessary preliminary considerations, let's go back to work: choosing the right places and destinations for your Valentine's Day in Romania. There are more possibilities indeed, as every people is different, and couples really special comparing to anyone.
Being on a budget, the X Hostel from Bucharest is a good option

If you are on a budget, but really want to spend an unforgettable, full of love and romance getaway in Romania, I can recommend the Hostel X from Bucharest, where you can stay with 5 Euros in a dorm with 6 beds. More money, better rooms with much more intimacy! Meanwhile you can walk, of course, in the renowned Bucharest parks, visit its interesting museums and taking part to the many cultural events organized in Bucharest on a  regular basis. Bucharest is really not an expensive city, you don't need to spend a fortune for this dream travel , you won't give up daily more than 20 Euros.
Hotel Ramada Parc might to the first sight not very attractive for lovers, but the staff is very friendly and professional, protecting your intimacy

If you are not on a budget, you may want probably to go in a fancy fashioned hotel from Bucharest, and I would propose and suggest Ramada Park****, as I know it personally, and was always enthusiasthic about the friendliness and kindness of the staff . They are always ready to help, but won't trouble your wish to go intimate with your special one in the restaurant or room. They really have a touch of class.
But besides Bucharest, there are other interesting and seducing Valentine's destinations in Romania. Not far from Bucharest, 160 km away to be more precisely, in the nice town of Predeal you will be able to find the hotel Piemonte ****. Not so big as Ramada Park, could seem friendlier and more familiar. It is indeed, the people from Ramada won't disappoint you at all. Holding the lovely hand of your partner, you can walk in Predeal, climb the mountains, ski (if there is some snow) or visit Brasov (only 10 km away, easy reachable even by taxi. Taxi in Romania is another bargain, but you mare supposed to meet the normal precautions ).
Walking through the forests near Bazna

Similar to Piemonte, but even friendlier and much more peaceful is Casa Bazna *** . You are there in the middle of nowhere, it is unbelievable quiet and intimate, in the middle of a traditional village. You can also walk on the hills around, through the nice forests, you can discover some spas very close, or you can visit Medias, Sighisoara or Sibiu. You can have a wide choice of things to do, but remember that your special one is the most important and you should not neglect his/ber by any means!

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