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Best spa hotels in Romania

Even if Romania is seen as a cheap destination and you can get the most of it on a budget, you can also to see Romania in style, e.g in the selected spa hotels or taking part to a spa tour.

Traditionally, a few areas in Romania simply lie on a big underground hot sea due to the geothermal energy, and there are some less or more successfully attempts to produce heat from these waters. Well renowned for these hot thermal waters are the areas around Oradea and Baile Herculane.

Oradea(Nagyvarad in Hungarian)  itself is a charming city very close to the western border, simply lieing on thermal waters. Very close to Oradea, practically next to it you can find the resorts of Baile Felix (or Felixbad in German) or Baile 1 Mai with many spa hotels, open baths and swimming pools where you can cure your rheumatic diseases. You can also allow you to be spoiled there in an exquisite environment, e.g in the leading hotel International, the best from Baile Felix, a proud and a landmark of this beloved resort. The hotel proudly looks behind on 40 years history, but you won't believe or suspect it when you are going to see the brilliant International itself! Also possible: the fantastic rejuvenating cures based on Gerovital treatments!
The fantastic hotel Double tree by Hilton Oradea has an excellent position, and inside is even more convincing than outside

Inside the beautiful city of Oradea you have another promising opportunity: the brand new spa hotel Double Tree by Hilton. It is much newer, more modern and comfy than the respectable International, has all the last minute ammenities, but the team from International seemed to me being friendlier! Under these circumstances it is really easy to understand: you have a star more, and must be prepared to pay more at hotel Double Tree by Hilton from Oradea.
The pension Noblesse from Baile Herculane is very friendly and familiar

The position of Baile Herculane (or Herculesbad) is definitely better: you have mountains and forests around, the landscape is very attractive. Since thousand years renowned for the properties of its thermal and mineral waters, Baile Herculane met a few periods of blossom and prosperity. One of them, the antique times, when aristocrates from Rome came here for a sort of spa of those interesting times. Another one in the XIXth century, when members of Vienna court came here very often, despite the strong concurence of Karlovy Vary ( or Carlsbad). Nowdays there are still interesting things happening in Herculane, and one of them is the pension Noblesse in the area. It is new, good and with a fantastic friendly staff. Also not very big, and thus very familiar to its guests! You have many things to discover at pension Noblesse and around, and you are going to have only pleasant nice surprises indeed.
Let me introduce you one of the best hotels of the Romanian Riviera: Vega, Mamaia, by Constanta

At the other side of Romania, on its Black sea coast, in the fantastic city of Constanta, you can find the Hotel Vega. It is really a top reference for the Romanian Riviera, and might be appear too big if you search for familiar houses. But the people here are very friendly, and they really do much more than they should. No more thermal waters on the coast, but the spa is an event nevertheless, as also the breakfast buffet or the kitchen, broadly speaking. Really a good place for a wonderful week or more, where you can forget everything else and rediscover yourself, as a part of the Universe.

If you are prepared to jump at the next level, you must be prepared to pay for a room in these recommended spa hotels of Romania between 30 or 60 Euros in average for a day. It is really a bargain, a sort of luxury on a budget!

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