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Discovering Romania in style

Usually you don't need to spend a fortune to discover Romania. There are many excellent offers which are really cheap and totally satisfying,but  it still is Romania on a budget.

The Romanian Athenaeum is a landmark of Bucharest, hosting many concerts and other cultural events. Also important: it lies 200 meters away from the renowned Athenee palace Hotel!

But supposing you are not anymore on a budget, e.g. you have special reason or occasion (like a wedding or a honeymoon etc) or you might not want anymore to stay on a budget. And you still want to travel to Romania, discovering it in style! Allow me, ladies and gentlemen, to introduce you Romania in style.

A have a few suggestions, as also tips at tricks for pampering you in Romania, without becoming too expensive. My wish is to know Romania in style without spending a fortune for it.
Hotel Atenee Palace from Bucharest smells and breathes the taste of aristocracy

If you come in Romania and reach Bucharest, our nice and proud Romanian capital, stay please at Athenee Palace or Casa Capsa. The both look back to a long glorious history of 100 years and more. Let your imagination run and figure the Romanian politicians, aristocrats and landlords sitting on the tables from restaurants, having a great time time with dancers, actresses and poets. These two renovated houses will help you a lot practicing this interesting exercise with their flamboyant inside architecture or their exquisite kitchen. During WWII Athenee Palace hosted the Headquarter of the German Army, and its briefings with the Romanian generals.

If you wanna breath fresh air walking in the center of Bucharest, be by guest further. Very close is the Romanian Athenaeum, with many cultural events inviting you to take part ( concerts of good symphonic music e.g.). Not far, the National Art Museum with renowned masterpieces of notorious masters like Rubens, Rembrandt etc. Bucharest was good renowned as the little Paris and is still today very proud of this label, keeping alive a rich intensive culture life.
As an exercise before Miss Liberty from New York and Tour Eiffel from Paris,French engineer  Gustave Eiffel errected in Iasi The Grand Hotel Traian

Another place full of legends is the fabulous Grand Hotel Traian from Iasi, a former Middle Age capital of Moldavia. You can feel again an aristocrat, a really one in this wonderful stylish hotel, build by Gustave Eiffel himself, two years before the Miss Liberty from New York and seven years before the Tour Eiffel from Paris! During WWI after a disaster campaign against German troops, most of Romania including Bucharest felt under the enemmies, but not Moldavia and Jassy, where the king and the government found their refuge. And you can already realize and figure out again, the notorious Grand Hotel Traian has been  the residence of the king and the Romanian government for two years. 

Princes, kings and princesses, ambassadors, ministers and state presidents, people of arts, pilgrims in quest for spirituality, or businessmen always on road, they all lived one day of their own story right here, in the old hotel, "symbol of the French-Romanian cultural community, made famous by Eiffel himself". Please join this select exclusive club!
Glamorous, elegant and with a privileged location downtown, TRAÍAN Grand Hotel is, together with tha  Palace of Culture, "Vasile Alecsandri" Theatre and the Metropolitan Church, a symbol of Iasi City.
Maybe this is your representation of Romania in style: Sun Garden Golf and Spa Hotel from Cluj Napoca

If you are not the legend aristocratic kind, but rather the modern one, you also can find something appropriate in Romania, namely a good spa hotel. The Sungarden golf and spa hotel from Cluj Napoca is a brand new one, with all modern ammenities and even more, an amazing state of the art property! The hotel itself has no legends around, but the city Cluj Napoca (Koloszvar or Klausenburg) all around will offer you some interesting sights and stories.

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